Zenfolio Advanced Plan

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In addition to all other Zenfolio Benefits
the Advanced plan provides these unique features

Complete Order Editing

Remove or change products, add discounts, issue refunds, change cropping, upload retouched photos, upgrade shipping, add promotional items or boutique packaging.

Events Management

Create unlimited keyword-searchable mini sites for multi-subject jobs and easily manage email invitations, passcodes and participants lists.


Grant partial management access to your website through user sub-accounts such as Assistants, Accountants, Contributing Photographers, etc.

Live Chat Support

Chat directly with Zenfolio customer service professionals to resolve any questions you may have. Available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) Monday - Thursday.

Lowered Selling Fees

Enjoy lowered service fees of 7% on partner fulfilled orders and 7% on digital orders. Credit card processing and customer service included.

Integration with Lightroom

Streamline your workflow by exporting customer favorites or orders into Lightroom for post-processing.
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Free Directory Listing

Showcase your work and market your photography business to clients looking for photographers in your area. Your Photographer Central listing is free.

Order Minimums

Specify the required minimum for an order to be placed in every price list. Your clients will be required to meet this minimum in the shopping cart during the checkout process.

Special Shipping Options

Define shipping prices and options for your clients. Ship orders to your studio first so you can delight your clients by delivering their purchases in person.

30-day money back guarantee

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