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BorrowLenses.com is one of the nation's largest online camera rental stores. You can rent cameras, lenses, flashes, studio lighting, video gear, tripods and lots, lots more!


BorrowLenses.com is one of the nation's largest online camera equipment rental operations. It offers a huge selection of photo gear for rent including equipment from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Leica and Panasonic. In addition to cameras, lenses, flashes and accessories, BorrowLenses also carries equipment perfect for photographers shooting wildlife, weddings, action, sports and landscapes. If you shoot video with your DSLR, they have everything from follow focus rigs to field monitors, microphones, audio recorders and more!

Aside from camera equipment, BorrowLenses also offers a sensor cleaning service (Bay Area only)

BorrowLenses has an affiliate program if you'd like to make some money by telling your friends and fans about it and a membership program for hardcore renters.


There are no deposits required, reservations are accepted, and fast 2-day roundtrip shipping via FedEx is offered. You can order equipment online, choose optional insurance and even overnight delivery, and the gear will show up on the date you have selected. Once the rental is over, place the equipment back in the box it came in, apply a pre-paid shipping label and send it back via FedEx. The entire process is extremely easy and painless


The membership program is a fantastic solution for working photographers who demand maximum flexibility with their schedule.

  • Automatic 10% off on all rental orders placed and shipped during the membership period
  • Free Shipping on your first order (up to $38 value)
  • Increased level of rental item availability. If we currently do not have it in stock, all possible efforts will be made to find and ship the product to you including drop shipping from our suppliers.
  • Free BorrowLenses.com t-shirt
  • Cancellations with no fees

To get membership benefits

You need to have the BorrowLenses Add-on in your Zenfolio account.

5% off your total order amount

Discount applies to the total order amount. Enter the coupon code at the checkout. Put your Zenfolio member ID in the order notes

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