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Triple Scoop Music is an innovative music licensing service offering award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists.


Triple Scoop Music is an innovative music licensing service specializing in world-class music for creative professionals. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. Every song is handpicked for the highest quality.

TSM is endorsed by many of the world's top photographers and imaging organizations. With thousands of great songs available in a wide range of styles Triple Scoop Music is dedicated to helping you "Sound As Good As You Look."

You can use 50 free soundtracks included with your account for your slideshows right away. To access additional premium soundtracks, add the Triple Scoop Music Add-on to your account during signup or upgrade.

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Partnership with Zenfolio

The partnership between Triple Scoop Music and Zenfolio provides photographers with a cost-effective way of licensing soundtracks for enhancing the presentation of their digital art. Every Zenfolio account includes 50 free soundtracks that can be used on Zenfolio web sites. Premium music collections can be added to Zenfolio subscriptions, providing access to the full TSM library of more than 10,000 songs.

Available Soundtracks

The 50 soundtracks below are included for free with all Zenfolio accounts. Photographers can use music from the full TSM library of more than 10,000 songs by adding one of the premium collections to their account.

Individual songs can also be licensed directly from Triple Scoop Music, for use on Zenfolio websites or for outside projects. Zenfolio users get a special 10% discount.

Free Songs (50 soundtracks)

Title Artist Duration Genre
Role Model (Instrumental) a girl named jaen 3:42 Alternative Rock
If Only (Instrumental) Ali Handal 3:30 Acoustic
Carol Of The Bells (Vocal) Angels of Venice 4:30 Classical
Silent Night (Instrumental) Angels of Venice 2:50 Classical
Best Day Of Your Life (Vocal) AntiProduct 3:23 Rock
Dive Into You (Vocal) Austin Willacy 3:16 Pop-Rock
Distant Drums (Instrumental) Brian Slawson 3:29 New Age
More Than Love (Vocal) Catherine Porter 5:02 Adult Contemporary
Las Flores (Instrumental) Chris Burton Jacome 3:30 Latin
The Heart Of Me (Vocal) Craig Moxey 3:44 Pop
Clair De Lune (Instrumental) Daniel Ho 4:12 Classical
Coolest Drop Of Rain (Vocal) Daniel Ho 3:45 Pop
Simple As A Sunrise (Vocal) Daniel Ho 3:56 Singer Songwriter
Tell No Lies (Vocal) Dylan Bell 3:44 Singer Songwriter
Lucky (Instrumental) Echofission 4:10 Modern Rock
Reflect (Instrumental) Echofission 2:43 Rock
Wonderful To Be Here (Instrumental) Echofission 3:32 Rock
Electric Funktopus (Light Vocal) Electric Octopus 2:26 Electronic
Jump Jive & Sing (Instrumental) Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestra Surreal 2:10 Jazz
Two Souls (Vocal) Fran King 3:52 Singer Songwriter
Last Letter (Instrumental) Gor Mkhitarian 4:09 Country
Falling In Your Love (Vocal) Hannah Ford 3:49 Singer Songwriter
Be All That I Can Be (Vocal) Hip Hop Kidz 2:58 Urban
Soundtrack For Ballet (Instrumental) Jason Farnham 3:19 New Age
My Little One (Vocal) Jennifer Herbig 2:37 Singer Songwriter
Faithfully Yours (Vocal) John Ryan 4:40 Jazz
One In My Eyes (Vocal) Jo Vogels 3:57 Singer Songwriter
Blue Sky (Instrumental) Kat Epple 4:03 Jazz
Anniversary (Instrumental) Marco Marconi 3:09 Classical
Leaving For Paris (Instrumental) Mike Goudreau 3:55 French
A Valentine's Waltz (Vocal) Mike Lusk 3:13 Country
Where Do I Start (Vocal) Nancy Falkow 3:12 Singer Songwriter
Trix (Instrumental) Nard Berings 2:39 Electronic
Bass Attack (Instrumental) Oshmusik 7:00 Electronic
Tarantella (Instrumental) Regina Smoler 1:31 Italian
Kidd's Boogie (Instrumental) Ross Maclachlan 3:04 Jazz
Forever (Instrumental) Roy Ashen 5:06 Modern Rock
Snapshot (Instrumental) Roy Ashen 3:41 Modern Rock
Jump (Vocal) Saul Kaye 3:41 Pop-Rock
Dreams and Aspirations (Vocal) Shane Cooley 4:40 Modern Rock
Army Of Two (Instrumental) Shotgun Radio 3:35 Electronic
You Are Loved (Vocal) Tami Mulcahy 2:17 Folk
Jump Drive (Instrumental) Techno Tommy 4:02 Electronic
Maria (Instrumental) Ted Hoagland 4:41 Rock
Whangaroa (Instrumental) The Mel-Tones 2:06 Surf
By My Side (Vocal) The Texas Gypsies 3:04 Jazz
Hot Club (Instrumental) The Texas Gypsies 2:07 Jazz
Auld Lang Syne (Instrumental) Those Dreaded Gnats 3:21 Classical
Headbanger (Instrumental) Tim Palmer 3:49 Rock
No Pain (Instrumental) Z-Bop 4:45 Jazz
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