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Unlimited Music for your Zenfolio Slideshows just got better!

Triple Scoop Music is the leading music service for the world’s top photographers and event filmmakers. They rely on TSM for incredible songs and soundtracks to enhance the emotion and energy of their creative projects. And now, you can supercharge your Zenfolio slideshows with unlimited streaming access to more than 17,000 songs from Triple Scoop Music. Plus get the first month free using coupon code TSM1MO! How awesome is that?

How it Works:

1. Add the Triple Scoop Music Unlimited Music package to your Zenfolio Account.

2. You’ll receive unlimited streaming use of over 17,000 award-winning songs and soundtracks within all of the slideshows you create on Zenfolio.

3. Sign up now and get the first month free!

Available Soundtracks

Music makes a huge difference in the emotional impact of any project. Access the huge collection of world-class music and take your Zenfolio slideshows to a new level. You’ll find the perfect music for every type of photo slideshow: Love, Weddings, Landscape, Sports, Babies, Family, Travel, Business, Celebrations and much more.

Free Songs (50 soundtracks)

Title Artist Duration Genre
A Heart That's True Luke Brindley 3:32 Acoustic
A Little Heaven Daniel Ho 5:05 Acoustic
A Whimsical Journey Abbas Premjee 2:23 Orchestral + Cinematic
All We Have To Live Michael Burns 3:56 Rock
All We Need Fairground Lights 3:23 Pop
America's Stonehenge Laura Sullivan 4:48 Orchestral + Cinematic
Baby Steps Douglas Romayne 2:23 Orchestral + Cinematic
Bags End Kurt Oldman 2:32 Orchestral + Cinematic
Beneath The Mistletoe (Jazz Trio Version) Ali Handal 3:24 Jazz
BG12 Gonzalo Bergara 5:01 Jazz
Breaking A Mishmash 3 Theory 2:22 Americana
Changing The World Fairground Lights 3:29 Rock
Chemicals Private Jack 3:01 Pop
Diablo De Un Segundo Alex Cuba 2:13 Adult Contemporary
Dream Of 1000 Cats Hilton Park 4:18 Acoustic
Eclipse Roy Ashen 4:39 Alternative
End Of The World Xavier and Ophelia 4:04 Rock
Firefly Ali Handal 3:26 SInger-Songwriter
Flapper Jack The Texas Gypsies 2:34 Swing
Fly Jason Pfaff 2:13 Adult Contemporary
Groupies (Faustix Remix) Tut Tut Child 4:20 Electronic
Happy 4 Ya Jennie Laws 3:15 R&B
Happy Days Dean Wagg 2:32 Pop
Happy Positive And Light Alex Khaskin 3:50 New Age
Hasty Lumbago Mark Wolfram 2:18 Jazz
Heartsongs The Raghat Band 3:00 Jazz
Hello (Genesis Remix) Katori 3:48 Electronic
Humans Being Human Lionel Cohen 3:07 Orchestral + Cinematic
Joy Park River 3:53 Acoustic
Just Getting' Started 3 Theory 3:42 Pop
Little Monkey Abbas Premjee 2:35 Orchestral + Cinematic
Little Red Bike Mindy Gledhill 3:04 SInger-Songwriter
My Experiment 3 Theory 3:12 Rock
Only One You Billy Schafer 3:16 Pop
Pressing Forward Dan Phillipson 2:35 Rock
Pulse Evgeny Kiselevich 2:27 Dance
Rewind (Remix) Toddzero 3:11 Electronic
Sailing Jaymie Gerard 3:39 Pop
Shake This Party Up! Curious 2:27 Dance
She's No You Preston Leatherman 3:12 R&B
Silver Lining Dan Phillipson 2:00 Orchestral + Cinematic
Sky Rider Dub Wreckerz 4:59 Electronic
Something Real The Undeserving 3:29 Rock
Sunrise Alice Hive 2:56 Orchestral + Cinematic
The Story Begins It Takes Two To Tango 1:51 Electronic
Tiger Lilly's Room Scott Horton 2:18 Rock
Warm And Tender Denis Turbide 2:16 Acoustic
We Are Alright (Light Vocal) Matt Harvey 3:10 Pop
What I Need Blue Ember 3:55 Rock
Without You Roy Ashen 4:10 Rock
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What top photographers say about Triple Scoop Music:

Jerry Ghionis

“Triple Scoop Music is the best. They’re my choice for music.”

-Jerry Ghionis

Scott Kelby

“Triple Scoop Music is the real deal. The music is fantastic.”

-Scott Kelby

Sue Bryce

“When my images come together with Triple Scoop Music, it's incredible.”

-Sue Bryce


Q: Can I save a list of my favorite songs?

A: Yes! When you’re browsing the music, simply click the “Heart” icon to save any song to your favorites list.

Q: What does “Unlimited Streaming” mean?

A: This means that you can use any of these 17,000+ songs as many times as you’d like inside of your Zenfolio account. Every time you create a slideshow you can add music from Triple Scoop Music, directly from within your Zenfolio account. There’s no downloading of music files and there’s no limit to the number of slideshows you can add music to. The music plays (“streams”) directly on your Zenfolio website.

Q: What if I want to download music for use outside of my Zenfolio account?

A: The monthly cost provides unlimited streaming and access to over 17,000 songs specifically within your Zenfolio account. If you’re interested in purchasing music for use outside of Zenfolio, you can visit the Triple Scoop Music site for single-song options