Beautiful Galleries

Your photos and videos have never looked better online. We’ve made it our goal to deliver the best possible viewing experience on any device.

Elegant Presentation

Let your photos take center stage and present your work in one of our professionally designed layouts. The special dim-the-lights mode shows large images without distractions so visitors can truly focus on your photography. And your photos will look great on a mobile screen as well as a large monitor.

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Elegant Presentation

Fast, Responsive Pages

Your viewers will enjoy fast-loading images and video clips optimized for presentation in any display size.

Gorgeous Invitations

Send beautifully packaged email invitations to notify clients or friends and family when galleries are ready to view.

Mobile Friendly

Show off all of your website pages at a moment’s notice on any phone or tablet.

Client App

Introducing the App Made for Your Clients

Finally, an app made specifically for your clients. With our latest app, Photo Moments–Your Digital Photos Delivered, clients can instantly gain access to their digital photos, view them in a beautiful presentation and easily share with others.

The app has all of the powerful features of Zenfolio, including: gallery password protection, ability to download and save one or all photos, client sign-in, watermarks and much more. Best of all—it’s free.

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Unlimited Photos & Videos

Have tens of thousands of photos? Hundreds of thousands? Go crazy. Upload an unlimited number of photos and videos to your site and organize them in any number of groups and galleries. There are no limits to the number of uploads or traffic to your site, and your galleries never expire.

Upload & Transfer Tools

Raw File Storage

Upload more than just JPEGs to your website. Store, share and sell Raw or any other source files at incredibly competitive prices.

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HD Videos

Whether you shoot with a professional rig or on your phone, your videos will be presented in the best quality with an unmatched viewing experience.

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Safe & Secure Backup

You can rest assured that your photos, videos and Raw files are safe. They are stored in state-of-the-art, geo-distributed data centers, so you always have a backup of your full-size original photos available for download at any time. You can always download your photos back using our free tool. (Note that uploaded video clips are converted to the H.264 format. The original video files are removed from the server and cannot be downloaded back).

Secure Storage

Watermark & Image Protection

All images get basic right-click and drag-to-desktop protection as well as the strongest protection against unauthorized usage – watermarks.

Powerful Access Control

Make any of your albums public, private, or protected with passwords. You can also restrict access to original files, or limit the largest size that can be displayed.

Soundtrack for Your Photos

Personalize your work by adding music to slideshows. Every gallery comes with full-screen, embeddable slideshows that are fully customizable so you can set transitions, adjust the speed, set up looping, and more. And with your account, you get 50 free songs from Triple Scoop Music

50 free songs from Triple Scoop Music
10,000 more songs to choose from

Seamless Organization

Group and sort all of your photos and video clips into any folder and gallery structure you want to keep tabs on your work. Add searchable descriptions, tag photos and videos with keywords and categories for easy searching, and batch-process changes for many items at once.

Fast, Friendly Support

Our Customer Support team is available seven days a week,
365 days a year to answer all of your questions.