Zenfolio API

Zenfolio API

The Zenfolio Application Programming Interface (API) is available for third-party development of software applications, plug-ins, utilities, and tools interfacing with the Zenfolio service.

The Zenfolio API provides outside developers with the same features and functionality of the Zenfolio platform used internally for our own development. The Zenfolio API is platform-independent and is based on open standards. It can be used from any programming language on any platform as long as it supports sending and receiving HTTP requests.

Anyone developing a tool that can be useful for others will receive a free account on Zenfolio. Let us know what you are working on.

Using the API

The Zenfolio API can be used by anyone to implement virtually any application using Zenfolio as a service. Think of photo browsers, plug-ins to image editing applications, synchronization utilities, screen savers, OS shell integration, website publishing tools, and more.

Many of the free tools you find available here were developed using the Zenfolio API.

The following Help chapter provides detailed information describing the Zenfolio API.

Code Examples

You can find code examples illustrating the use of the Zenfolio API in the Examples section of the API Help documentation. These are not final applications, just code examples:

PHP Wrapper

If you are using PHP, the PHP Wrapper class is available. It allows PHP application developers to quickly and easily interact with Zenfolio API in their applications, without having to worry about the finer details of the API. phpZenfolio, allows easily integrate functionality exposed by Zenfolio API into your PHP based websites. More information


We are looking for the following tools to be written:
Export plug-in for Adobe Photoshop / Elements / Bridge
Export plug-in for Picasa
Integration plug-ins for other image editing applications
Plug-in for Media Center HTPC
Screen savers
Background uploaders

If you are a software developer interested in creating any of the above tools, or you have your own idea for a useful tool, we would like to hear from you.