Humble Beginnings, Lofty Goals

It began in the cradle of so many great ideas: a coffee shop. Four friends with a passion for photography, a shared background in technology, and complementary skills, had a goal. They wanted to create an all-in-one web solution for photographers—both amateur and professional—to organize, display and sell their images with uncompromising quality.

To achieve this goal, they surrounded themselves with talented people from a variety of professional backgrounds who had worked for the top database, computer OS, marketing, graphics and imaging companies around the world. Importantly, they all shared an interest in photography, with many even being professional photographers themselves.

Meet the Team

Our unique and talented team hails from all across the globe and meets at the Zenfolio headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Alex Peyzner

Founder & CEO

Alex Fedotov

Co-founder & CIO

Vitaliy Kuznetsov

Co-founder & VP of Product

Yanush Cherkis


Nataly Huff

Director of Marketing

Peter Hayes

Director of Customer Support

Alex S.

Director of Software Development

Brian Tomlin

Director of Software Development

Hari Simons

Group Product Manager

A Trusted, Experienced Team

Zenfolio is part of the Inc. family of brands. Together, we’re making art accessible to all by transforming the way the world discovers, personalizes, shares and purchases art. Though our team at Zenfolio has many years of experience developing web and desktop software, it’s our shared commitment to photography and delivering the premier photo website service that binds us together. That, and our daily ritual of having coffee together, just like we did in the beginning.

Engineering & QA

Anna Burlyga

QA Manager

Stephen Daugherty

Senior Database Developer

Adam Dunn

Software Developer

Anastasiya Miroshnychenko

QA Engineer

Jerome Nelson

Senior Software Developer

Lilia Shwarts

QA Engineer

Brian T

Senior IT
Operations Manager


Software Developer

Product & Design

David Healey

Product Manager

Coco Tang

Product Manager

Justin Miller

Senior Technical Evangelist

Kayla Case

Graphic Designer

Anne-Marie Friday

Senior Graphic Designer

Priscilla Lopez

Graphic Designer

Marketing & Business Development


Marketing Manager / User Loyalty

Melissa Kim

Marketing Analyst

Marina Lau

Marketing Manager

Vanja Markovic

Senior Marketing Manager

Brittany Nelson

Content Marketer

Ian Stone

Business Development

Finance & Administration


Office Manager

Gina Conti


Helga Kasperait

Financial Controller

Milana Pokras


Customer Support

Eva Burgsteijn

Customer Support Representative

Leon Brauer

Customer Support Manager

Stephen Browde

Customer Support Manager

Brian B.

Customer Support Supervisor

Shanna D.

Customer Support Manager


Customer Support Manager
& Product Specialist

Ana Teresa Galizes

Customer Support Manager


Customer Support Manager


Customer Support Manager

Laura H.

Customer Support Manager
& Product Specialist

Steven L.

Customer Support Lead

Chess M.

Customer Support Manager


Customer Support Manager

Phil Ritti Jr.

Customer Support Manager

Zack Uribe

Customer Support Manager
& Product Specialist

Pamela Vachon

Customer Support Supervisor


Customer Support Manager


Technical Support

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