Zenfolio Overview

Quick overview of what Zenfolio has to offer.

Getting Started

Step-by-step walk-through from uploading your first gallery to inviting visitors.

Advanced Plan

Discover all the enhanced features offered with our Advanced Plan.

myZenfolio for iPad

See the demo of managing and presenting photos using iPad.

Plug in for Adobe Lightroom

Learn how to use the Lightroom plug-in with Zenfolio for streamlining your workflow.

How to Upload Video

See how to upload video files to your website for viewing from galleries.

Portfolio Website

Preset Designs

See how easily you can set up a professional website in a few clicks with Zenfolio.

Designing Your Website

Recorded webinar focused on customizing design and layout of your website.

Creating a Custom Theme

Give your website a unique look and feel by designing your own theme.

Modifying the Site Menu

Teaches how to modify the site menu visitors use to navigate your website.

Using Custom Domain Name

Instructions on how to point your custom domain to your website hosted on Zenfolio.

Creating Custom Web Pages

Learn how to add custom HTML pages to your website and link them to your site menu.

Creating Your Photo Blog

Shows how to use Zenfolio blogging features to create and manage your photo blog.

Restricted Events

Events are a Advanced tool for high-volume sales great to use for school shoots and competitive sports.

Dynamic Thumbnail Grids

Learn how versatile and useful your gallery of thumbnails can be for proofing and selling.

Security and Protection

Using Access Control

Learn how to protect your galleries with a password and other access control features.

Image Protection

Zenfolio features that help you protect your photographs from unauthorized usage.

Using Watermarks

Learn how to use watermarks to protect your photographs.

Online Proofing and Selling

Selling Online

Recorded webinar which walks through setting up your online store with products from integrated vendors, self-fulfilled products, and digital products.

Selling Products from Zenfolio Partners

Instructional video focused on selling products from integrated partners.

Selling Digital Downloads

Learn how to sell downloads of your photographs by specifying resolution and licensing options.

Selling Full Hi-Def Video

Learn how to sell compressed video files through your shopping cart.

Selling Self-Fulfilled Products

See how to sell products you fulfill directly to your clients through your shopping cart.

Selling Product Packages

Learn how to bundle products together in a package to sell to your clients.

Adding Client Access to External Website

Learn how to connect client galleries with your website by allowing your clients to navigate to their photos with a gallery ID.

Promoting Your Business

Learn how to use Zenfolio features for marketing of your website.

Product Template Designs

Learn how to design your own greeting cards, collages, and other products sold by Zenfolio vendors.

Videos for Your Clients

These videos are created for your clients to help them with purchasing prints and selecting favorite photos on your website. You can download them for embedding into a custom page on your own site.

Purchasing Prints

A short tutorial on shopping for prints and products that shows how to add photos to the cart, change cropping and options, and check out.

Add to Favorites

These video downloads demonstrate for your client how to add photos to a list of favorites and share them with you.