Jill-e Designs

Jill-e Designs

Jill-e® creates bags and carriers in smart and stylish designs for daily use, tailored specifically for digital and mobile devices. As the leading manufacturer of high-performance carry bags with built-in protection, we use only the finest materials including top grade leathers, dependable hardware, durable padded lining and blend them with great style and good sense to produce fashion-conscious, professional quality bags and carriers.

Jill-e Designs products are conceived under three brands: JILL-E "For Her," JACK "For Him," and JUST "For All."

JILL-E by Jill-e Designs – JILL-E bags and carriers offer designs that not only hold and protect your digital devices but do so with stylish simplicity. An intimate knowledge of contemporary trends, along with a timeless sense of design, ensures that JILL-E bags and carriers are as well suited for the runway as they are for technology.

JACK™ by Jill-e Designs – JACK bags and carriers not only feature classic styling and materials, they also offer the flexibility to tailor them to your needs. They are capable of organizing everything from digital cameras to laptops, to tablets, to many miscellaneous personal items.

JUST™ by Jill-e Designs – JUST bags and carries provide an opportunity to move a bit beyond the status quo. They approach design and materials from a more youthful and exploratory standpoint. JUST products are suited for both men and women who want to venture just a bit further than the norm and are looking for a trusted partner to accompany them.

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