API Versions

When you build an application that uses the Zenfolio API, the application is bound to a specific API version indicated in the Web service URL. For example, if your application sends API requests to


it uses API version 1.0. An application that sends requests to


uses API version 1.1.

Once an API version is published, it never changes. This ensures that your application continues to work flawlessly after you build and test it against a particular API version.

The following API versions are currently available:

  • Version 1.0. This is the initial Zenfolio API version.
  • Version 1.1. This version adds support for additional access mask flags and for custom URLs.
  • Version 1.2. This version adds support for password-protected original images and password hints.
  • Version 1.3. This version adds support for retrieving and managing comments and guestbook entries and a method to create photos by downloading them from an external URL.
  • Version 1.4. This version adds some control over which fields are returned by certain snapshot loading methods, improved caching support and new image URLs optimized for immediate downloading.
  • Version 1.6. This version adds support for sharing favorites sets and for uploading and playing videos.
  • Version 1.7. This version adds support for 64-bit object identifiers.
  • Version 1.8. This version adds support for uploading and downloading of Raw files as well as several other improvements.