What's new in API version 1.2

The following new elements were added in the Zenfolio API version 1.2.

Support for password-protected originals and password hints.

A new PasswordProtectOriginals flag is added to the AccessMask enumeration to indicate that the original photo image is protected with a password.

The AccessDescriptor snapshot was extended with PasswordHint and SrcPasswordHint fields. The fields return password hints for the main photo password and the original image password correspondingly.

The following two methods are added to support downloading of password-protected original files: the GetDownloadOriginalKey method verifies the original image password and returns the download key; LoadAccessRealm method loads an access realm snapshot given its identifier.

Change of semantics of URL fields

The semantics of several URL fields was changed to return a fully qualified URL instead of a URL path. The following fields were affected:

  • PageUrl in the Photo, PhotoSet and Group snapshots
  • OriginalUrl in the Photo snapshot
  • UploadUrl in the PhotoSet snapshot