What's new in API version 1.8

Support for Raw Files

API version 1.8 adds support for Raw files. This includes uploading and downloading Raw files as well as linking uploaded files to photos in the gallery.

This API version introduces a GalleryFile snapshot that represents a Raw file uploaded to a gallery.

The following new API methods have been added:

Other Changes

  • This version also includes several miscellaneous improvements to the API:
  • Added OriginalPassword and OriginalPasswordHint fields to the AccessUpdater object. This allows for updating the password for downloading original files through the API.
  • Added HomepageUrl field to the User snapshot. This field makes it possible to determine the URL of the user's home page when an external home page URL is configured by the user.
  • Added ResolveUrl method. This method makes it possible to determine which group, gallery, or collection a particular Zenfolio page URL is referring to.