Creating a Photo Browsing Application

A typical photo browsing application discovers, searches, and browses photos and galleries. It can usually be used for displaying photos and related photo information to the users. An example of such an application is a screensaver that displays photos from a particular user, from a particular gallery, or assigned a specific category.

Creating a photo browsing application involves the following steps:

  • To display photos from a particular user, the application should obtain the group hierarchy of this user first by calling the LoadGroupHierarchy method. This gives access to all publicly available groups, galleries, and collections from this user.
  • To obtain the list of photos in a specific gallery, the application should call LoadPhotoSet using the gallery identifier obtained on the previous step.
  • To display individual photos, the application should first construct photo URLs based on the information returned from the LoadPhotoSet method. Then it needs to use a regular HTTP GET request to download the photos. See the Downloading Photos topic for more information on downloading photos.
  • To display photos and galleries based on a particular search criteria, the application should use one of the search methods such as SearchPhotoByText and SearchPhotoByCategory. See the Searching Objects topic for more information on searching photos and galleries.
  • To obtain the public profile of a particular user, which includes the user photo and personal message, the application should call the LoadPublicProfile method.

Typical photo browsing applications only access public data. If your application accesses private user photos and galleries, it should authenticate the user before calling any other methods. See the Authentication topic for more information on user authentication.

The included Zenfolio Browser example application demonstrates many of the steps involved in creating a browsing application.