The LoadGroup method obtains a snapshot of the specified photoset group.

Group LoadGroup(
    long groupId,
    InformationLevel level,    // new in version 1.4
    bool includeChildren       // new in version 1.4


64-bit identifier of the photoset group to load
Specifies which Group snapshot fields to return. This parameter is new in API version 1.4.
Indicates whether to return immediate group children. This parameter is new in API version 1.4.


Group snapshot


The set of fields provided in the returned Group snapshot depends on the value of the level parameter. If the value of this parameter is set to Level1, the following fields are provided: Id, GroupIndex, Title, AccessDescriptor, Owner, CreatedOn, ModifiedOn, PageUrl, TitlePhoto, MailboxId, ImmediateChildrenCount, TextCn.

If the level parameter is set to Level2, the method returns all the fields returned at Level1 as well as the Caption field.

If the level parameter is set to Full, the method returns all Group snapshot fields except the Elements array. Whether the Elements array is returned is controlled by the includeChildren parameter (see below).

The includeChildren parameter controls whether the Elements array is returned. If this parameter is set to true, the Elements array is filled with the immediate group children. Immediate children snapshots always have Level1 fields returned only regardless of the level parameter value.

The information returned by this method is subject to access control. Certain fields of the Group snapshot may not be returned if prohibited by the access control settings of the group.

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