The LoadGroupHierarchy method obtains a snapshot of the entire photoset group hierarchy of the specified user.

Group LoadGroupHierarchy(
    string loginName


User name of the user whose group hierarchy is requested to load


A snapshot of the complete photoset group hierarchy for the specified user


The Group snapshot returned by this method represents the root photoset group in the user's group hierarchy. Use the Elements field of the returned Group snapshot to access groups and photosets contained at the first level of the hierarchy. Similarly, use the Elements field of the group snapshots found at the first level to drill down further in the group hierarchy.

The returned snapshot has the following fields loaded: Id, Title, CreatedOn, ModifiedOn, AccessDescriptor, GroupIndex, Owner, Elements. Photoset snapshots returned by this method do not contain individual photo information. Use LoadPhotoSet or LoadPhotoSetPhotos to obtain information about individual photos in a photoset.

The information returned by this method is subject to access control. LoadGroupHierarchy only returns the portion of the group hierarchy that is accessible to the current user.

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