The LoadPhoto method obtains a snapshot of the specified photo.

Photo LoadPhoto(
    long photoId,
    InformationLevel level     // new in version 1.4


64-bit identifier of the photo to load.
Specifies which Photo snapshot fields to return. This parameter is new in API version 1.4.


Snapshot of the requested photo


The set of fields returned in the Photo snapshot depends on the value of the level parameter. If the level parameter is set to Level1, the following fields are returned: Id, Width, Height, Sequence, AccessDescriptor, Owner, Title, MimeType, Views, Size, Gallery, OriginalUrl, UrlCore, UrlHost, UrlToken, PageUrl, MailboxId, TextCn.

If the level parameter is set to Level2 or Full, the method returns all Photo snapshot fields.

The information returned by this method is subject to access control. Certain fields of the Photo snapshot may not be returned if prohibited by the access control settings of the photo.

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