The SearchPhotoByCategory method searches photos by a specified category.

PhotoResult SearchPhotoByCategory(
    string searchId,
    SortOrder sortOrder,
    int categoryCode,
    int offset,
    int limit


Search identifier (see Remarks)
Sorting order of the search results. Only Popularity and Date are applicable to this method.
Category code as obtained from a call to GetCategories
Offset from the beginning of search results
The number of items to return


A search result object that encapsulates the list of photos returned by this call as well as the total number of search results


Specifying the same value for the searchId parameter in a series of calls to this method advises the system that the same search is made so that the previous search results can be reused. This is useful when an application is retrieving search results in pages by calling this method several times with only offset and limit parameters varying from call to call.

Passing null or an empty string in searchId ensures that no search results are reused and a new search is made.

The information returned by this method is subject to access control. The method will only return photos accessible to the current user.

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