Beautiful Galleries

Gallery Layout

Your photos and video clips have never looked better online. We have made it our goal to deliver the best possible online viewing experience. From the first uploaded gallery your visitors will notice the difference and will compliment your work.

Clean Professional Layouts

Choose from a selection of clean, professional layouts with rich customization options available through a simple point-and-click interface. No coding required!

High Definition Video

Zenfolio gives you the ability to present high-definition videos along with photos in beautiful customizable galleries. Support for videos is available to Zenfolio subscribers with the Unlimited, Premium, or Premium Business plans. We will automatically convert your clips to the efficient and compact H.264 codec and stream them to your visitors with the best possible quality selection for their device and connection speed.

Customizable Themes

Selection of Themes

With our intuitive Theme Designer you can create any number of custom themes and apply them to your galleries. Greet every visitor with a unique theme, or create a few themes and use them throughout your site for a consistent look and feel. Preview Zenfolio Themes »

Fast, Responsive Pages

Friends and family can view your photos in a beautiful gallery using any modern web browser on a Mac or PC. They will enjoy fast-loading images optimized for display presentation. With large, crisp images, clean layouts, and professional themes, you’re sure to keep them captivated as they move from one photo to the next.

Large Images


Your photos take center stage, adjusting instantly to fit the browser window so they always look great, even on large displays. The special dim-the-lights mode presents large images without any distractions, allowing visitors to quickly and conveniently flip through photos using the keyboard.

Mobile-devices Friendly

Your website has an equally smooth browsing experience whether visitors are using a mobile device or a standard browser. The website will be automatically presented in the layout optimized for mobile browsing when opened from a mobile phone (iPhone and Android are currently supported).

Elegant Slideshows with Music

Every gallery comes with a full-screen slideshow. This slideshow is fully configurable so you can hide or show various controls and enforce specific settings and preferences. Included with the slideshow feature are 50 free soundtracks from Triple Scoop Music. You can use these in your slideshow to set the mood and enhance the viewing experience.

We included 50 free soundtracks from Triple Scoop Music that you can use in your slideshow to set the mood and enhance the viewing experience.

Sharing Favorites

Your visitors can select their favorite photos and share them with you so you can collaborate on the photos before placing an order. You can also let visitors share photos on Facebook or other social sites, forums, or blogs to generate buzz and drive traffic to your site.

Elegant Invitations

Send elegant email invitations that match the look and feel of your website and seamlessly transition your visitors into the gallery viewing experience.