Photo Hosting

Gallery Layout

Your fully-featured portfolio and photo hosting website is ready as soon as you open your account. No complicated configuration, no waiting, no coding, and no setup fees. Simply upload your first gallery and you are ready to impress your visitors.

Unlimited Storage

Upload unlimited photos and organize them in any number of galleries, albums, or folders. There are never any limits on your uploads or traffic, and your galleries never expire.

Professional Homepage Layouts

Select from professionally designed homepage layouts that can include an elegant slideshow, navigation menu, welcome message, custom logo, thumbnails, and more. All elements on your homepage can be customized, giving you the power to create a clean and compelling design that carries your unique style.

Built-in or Custom pages

Choose from a selection of built-in pages for displaying a guestbook, featured photos, or a contact form. Build your own custom pages to create a complete website to serve your clients. Embed videos, share events, showcase your equipment, or share your travel stories–you are always in control of your site.

Integrated Photo Blog

Every Zenfolio account includes a fully integrated photo blog that follows the look and feel of your website. Choose from a selection of professional layouts for your blog page then embed photos, video clips, or slideshows to engage your visitors.

Wide Selection of Themes

Choose from a selection of professionally designed themes to enhance the viewing experience of your digital artwork. Or easily create your own unique themes. It's your choice. You can create and use as many themes as you want.
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Theme Designer

Theme Designer

The Theme Designer enables you to have full control of the graphical elements on the pages. Using the Zenfolio Theme Designer, the complicated task of editing CSS code has been replaced with a simple point-and-click tool. Text, buttons, backgrounds, menu styles, thumbnails, and image decorations are all available for customization via a discerning visual designer. The Theme Designer simplifies the task of creating great-looking themes by automatically generating aesthetically pleasing color palettes.

Site Menu

By adding a persistent site menu throughout all pages you will ensure a consistent and uniform browsing experience. Build your site menu any way you like and include links to any gallery, collection or group and to built-in About, Contact, and Search pages, or external websites. You can also add drop-down menus to simplify navigation and make your website more search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization


Your website is built using HTML, not Flash, so it will easily be discovered and indexed by search engines. We automatically submit your site map to all major search engines and let you know which fields are important to fill out and display on your pages to make them search engine friendly.

Google Analytics

Your site is integrated with Google Analytics−a free tool that allows you to collect aggregate information about visitors to your Zenfolio website. Information includes the number of unique visitors over time, their location, length of visits, and much more.

In addition to Google Analytics you can use webmaster tools from all major search engines. These tools let you peek at how search engines see and index your site, allowing you to fine tune your content to improve search results.

Contact List

Use the contact list feature to send email invitations to your visitors when you post new galleries. You can even ask your visitors to register before viewing your photos so you can capture their email addresses.

Guestbook and Comments

Receive feedback from your visitors through comments and guestbook entries. Guestbooks allow visitors to post public or private messages on your home page as well as in any group, gallery or collection. You can review and moderate comments and receive email notifications when someone leaves a comment for you.
Feedback from others is also a great way to improve your site. You can also learn new composition, lighting, and digital techniques by exploring the pages of other photographers.

Mobile Layout

Mobile Device Support

Since your site is built using HTML it is compatible with most popular mobile and tablet devices. This enables your visitors to enjoy their photos on the go with slideshows, swipe navigation, and fast loading images.
Your website has an equally smooth browsing experience whether clients are using a mobile device or a standard browser. The website will be automatically presented in the layout optimized for mobile browsing when opened from a mobile phone (iPhone and Android are currently supported). Your visitors can easily navigate your portfolio on the go with smooth touch navigation, swipes, and menus designed specifically for mobile screens.

Your Own Domain Name

If you have your own domain name registered you can set it up to point to your Zenfolio account. By doing this it will become the address to your Home page and all the links to your photo pages and galleries will begin with your personal domain name.

Get Help When You Need It

Though it rarely happens, if you ever find yourself stuck you can refer to the comprehensive online Help Center for explanations and specific steps on how to get things done. Or you can contact Zenfolio Customer Support and one of our Zenmasters will reply promptly.