Friendly Interface


Your time is precious, so Zenfolio welcomes you with an intuitive and easy to use interface, which feels more like using a smart desktop software than browsing a web site.

Simple Management of Your Photos

Manage your galleries with an intuitive tree-view organizer, view your thumbnails or large photos, and use the powerful toolbox to control your catalog.

Simple Uploading

You can upload your photos and video clips using our simple drag-and-drop uploaders built right into your favorite web browser. Or, you can use a variety of upload plug-ins that integrate Zenfolio with popular photo management applications such as Lightroom or Aperture. There are also applications for uploading directly from your operating system, as well as services for migrating your photos to Zenfolio from other photo hosting sites.

Convenient Batch Operations

With desktop-like multiple selection and drag and drop, batch operations become a breeze. Edit titles and captions, assign keywords or pricelists, change watermarks or access control settings, just like you do in the familiar environment of your desktop operating system.

Exif and IPTC Support

If your photos have Exif or IPTC metadata, it will be automatically imported and included with all display image sizes. Important bits, such as including shooting information, camera make and model, copyright, and more will be available for you, or you can open them up for others to provide them with an opportunity to learn from you.

iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry Applications

You have full access to your account from native iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry 10 applications with rich management, browsing, and presentation features. In addition, the iPad and Android apps have a special client presentation mode: just open a gallery, lock your iPad with a pin, and give it to the client to pick the favorites, which are saved in your account.

Mobile Applications