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Your photos and videos have never looked better online. We’ve made it our goal to deliver the best possible online viewing experience. From the first uploaded gallery, your clients will notice the difference and will compliment your work.

Elegant Presentation

Your photos take center stage, adjusting instantly to fit the browser window so they always look great, even on large displays. The special dim-the-lights mode presents large images without any distractions, allowing visitors to quickly and conveniently flip through photos using the keyboard.

Fast, Responsive Pages

Your clients will enjoy fast-loading images and video clips optimized for display presentation. When clients like what they see, they buy more.

Elegant Invitations

Send elegant email invitations that match the look and feel of your website and seamlessly transition your clients into the gallery viewing experience.

Mobile Device Friendly

Your galleries have an equally smooth browsing experience whether visitors are using a mobile device or a standard browser. The optimal image size will be automatically presented in the layout optimized for mobile browsing when opened from a mobile phone or a tablet.

Customizable URLs

Each gallery, photo, or video gets a customizable link (URL) to its own page on your website. You can send this link to anyone by email or reference it anywhere on the Internet. You can also embed your photos, videos, or gallery slideshows into other websites, Facebook, or custom pages on your website by using the embed code.

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Truly Unlimited Storage

Your website is ready as soon as you sign up. Simply upload your photos or videos directly or transfer them from another hosting service and keep your domain name and links. Once you upload your photos or videos you can organize them in any number of galleries, albums, or folders. There are never any limits on your uploads or traffic, and your galleries never expire.

HD Videos

Whether you shoot video with a professional rig or with your mobile phone, your videos will be presented in their best possible quality with an unmatched viewing experience. Zenfolio supports most popular formats produced by digital cameras and mobile devices. Once your videos are uploaded Zenfolio will automatically convert them to the efficient and compact H.264 codec and stream them to your visitors with the best possible quality selection for their device and connection speed.

Raw files storage

Upload more than just JPEGs to your galleries. You now have the option to store RAW, DNG, NEF, PSD, CR2 and other source files alongside your images, all in one convenient location. Source files are securely archived just like your images and can be linked with the JPEGs for easy downloading and access. All this at the lowest per GB price available from any photography service. The first 2GB of storage for raw files is included.

Unlimited Storage

Video Hosting

Supported Settings for Photos

  • Photo file formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF
  • File size: up to 64 MB per file
  • Raw file formats: CR2, CR2, NEF, PSD, PDF, and many more...
  • Raw file size: up to 2 GB per file

Supported Settings for Videos

  • Video resolution: up to 1080p HD (1920 x 1080)
  • File size: up to 2GB per file
  • Maximum duration: 20 minutes per clip
  • Formats: MPEG, M4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GP, MKV, MP4, MTS

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Elegant slideshow 50 Free Songs 10,000 songs available

Elegant Slideshows with Music

Every gallery comes with full-screen and embeddable slideshows. Slideshows are fully configurable, with the ability to hide/show various controls, set transitions, speed, looping, and more preferences.

50 Free Songs

We included 50 free soundtracks from Triple Scoop Music that you can use in your slideshow to set the mood and enhance the viewing experience.

10,000 more songs to choose from

This add-on to your Zenfolio account provides unlimited access to the full Triple Scoop Music library of more than 10,000 songs. Search by mood, genre, instrument and more to find the perfect song for your homepage or your slideshows.
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Secure Storage

Your photos, video clips, and raw files are stored in state-of-the-art secure geo-distributed data centers, so you can rest assured you have a back up of full-size original photos available any time. You can always download your photos back using our free tool. (Note that uploaded video clips are converted to the H.264 format. The original video files are removed from the server and cannot be downloaded back.)

Watermarks and Image Protection

You don’t have to worry about unauthorized usage of your photos with our multiple layers of protection. First of all, you get basic right-click and drag-to-desktop protection. From there you may add the strongest protection against unauthorized usage – watermarks. You can create and upload your custom watermarks and apply them automatically to your images. You can control watermark position and opacity to achieve the desired level of safety without compromising the viewing experience.

Powerful Access Control

Powerful access control features allow you to fine-tune the security of your images. You can make your albums public, private, protected with passwords, or open only to a list of clients. You can restrict access to original files, as well as limit the largest size that can be displayed on the screen.

Secure Storage Custom Watermarks

Easy Organization and Customization Try it free

Intuitive Management Batch Operations Mobile Applications

Simple Management of Your Photos

You can easily sort photos and video clips into galleries and collections, and group them any way you want. Use virtual galleries, called Collections, that hold links to photos instead of the actual files. Add searchable descriptions, tag photos and videos with keywords and categories for easy searching, and batch-process changes for many items at once. Your changes are instantly reflected in your gallery for friends to see.

Batch Uploading

You can upload your photos, videos, or raw files using our simple drag-and-drop uploaders built right into your favorite Web browser. Or, you can use a variety of upload and transfer plug-ins that integrate Zenfolio with popular photo management applications such as Lightroom or Aperture. There are also applications for uploading directly from your operating system, as well as services for migrating your photos to Zenfolio from other photo hosting sites.

Time-Saving Batch Operations

With desktop-like multiple selection and drag and drop, batch operations become a breeze. Edit titles and captions, assign keywords or price lists, change watermarks or access control settings, just like you do in the familiar environment of your desktop operating system.

Use the bulk-update feature for quickly updating titles, captions, alt text, keywords and copyright information for your photos and videos. You can download metadata for everything in a group or a gallery, make your changes in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, then re-upload the metadata file and see your changes live within seconds.

Exif and IPTC Support

If your photos have Exif or IPTC metadata, it will be automatically imported and included with all display image sizes. Important bits, such as including shooting information, camera make and model, copyright, and more will be available for you, or you can open them up for others to provide them with an opportunity to learn from you.

iPhone, iPad and Android Applications

You have full access to your account from native iPhone, iPad and Android applications with rich management, browsing, and presentation features.
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