Your website is ready and your shiny online store is open for business. What’s next? You need a clever marketing strategy to capture visitors and turn them into loyal customers. Zenfolio is here to help.

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Generating Traffic

Zenfolio gives you tools for increasing the visibility of your site. Everything that needs to be done to make your site search engine optimized is done for you automatically, behind the scenes.

Your website pages use HTML, not Flash, so they will be easily discovered and indexed by search engines. We automatically submit the site map to all major search engines, and we let you know which fields are important to fill out and display on your pages to make them search engine friendly.

Get to Know Your Customers

You can use webmaster tools from major search engines, which let you peek at visitors' traffic as well as at how search engines see and index your site, and then fine-tune your content to improve the results.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Try it free

Social Networks

Social Media Buttons

You can include social media buttons from Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter into your pages encouraging sharing between your visitors and enabling viral promotion of your content.

Export and Share on Social Networks

You can export and share your photos to Facebook, Google+ or Flickr. Your website will gain traffic from exposure to social networks as your visitors share your work, virally spreading the word, ultimately resulting in more bookings for you.

Photographer Central

Zenfolio accounts includes a discounted listing on Photographer Central, the most comprehensive directory of professional photographers of all genres. Your listing will advertise your information and samples of your work so new clients can quickly recognize the quality of your work.

Photographer Central will help generate even more traffic to your website so you can book more jobs.

Photographer Central

Visitor Tracking Try it free

Visitor Sign-In

Getting to know your customers is key. With Zenfolio, you can easily capture a visitor’s name, email address, and phone number before they view your photos. Each visitor is automatically saved as a contact in the contact list along with which galleries they viewed​.

Visitor Sign-in

Client Communication

Turn your clients into repeat buyers and maximize your profits by uploading a contact list, or by communicating with visitors who have registered to view your photos. Send out marketing email campaigns – such as specials, promotions and news – to increase site exposure, boost profits, and encourage referrals.

Client Communication

Coupons Try it free



Everyone likes a discount. Entice your customers with special deals by using the flexible coupon functionality. You can create amount or percentage based coupons, make them applicable to a specific event, set expiration dates or number of uses, and more. You can even create “at-base-cost” coupons for those special occasions when orders are placed by friends or family members.

Gift Certificates

Use gift certificates to give your clients print credit as a part of the session fees, as a promotional tool, or just as a nice way of saying thank you. Gift certificates can be used as a payment method during checkout.

Analyzing Sales

Sales Reports

Gauge how well your online business is performing. Zenfolio provides detailed reports to track all of your sales. In addition to a summary page, you can break down information by date range, orders, products, customers, coupons and even top-selling photos. Easily find past orders and keep tabs on all transactions found in your Account Statement to provide support for your customers.

Sales Reports

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