Client Proofing

Proofing Gallery

Unlimited Photos and Galleries

You can upload an unlimited number of photos and organize them into galleries, groups, or collections. Your photos never expire, and are stored safely in geo-distributed data centers.

Photo Actions

Stunning Presentation

When clients like what they see, they buy more. From your uploaded originals we automatically generate several image sizes and use the best size to fit the viewer’s screen. We make sure that resized images are crisp and the colors look great. Your clients can easily navigate through photos displayed in clean, professional layouts customizable without any coding.

Your website empowers the client with several ways to view your work: navigate through photos displayed on photo pages with or without thumbnails, immerse in the dim-the-light view, with the largest possible photo size taking the entire screen, or enjoy slick full-screen slideshows with soundtracks.

Send Favorites

Flexible Collaboration Tools

Creative process often requires iterations, and Zenfolio proofing solution is ready to facilitate the dialog. Your clients can easily create sets of their favorite photos and share them with you. You will have access to these favorite sets for post-processing, retouching, creating albums, or placing clients’ orders. A special Lightroom plug in allows opening client favorite sets in Lightroom to save you time.

Mobile-devices Friendly

Your website hosted by Zenfolio now has an equally smooth browsing experience whether clients are using a mobile device or a standard browser. Your clients are able to easily navigate through their galleries on-the-go with smooth touch-navigation, swipes, and menus designed specifically for mobile screens.

In-person Proofing with iPad

Our free iPad application is a great tool to manage and present your photos on the go. In addition, it also has a special client presentation mode with favorites selection: just open a gallery, lock your iPad with a pin, and give it to the client to pick the favorites, which are saved in your account.

Clients can also express their wishes or praise through comments, they can even comment on a highlighted area of a photo. Every gallery also offers a guestbook for general comments or requests. A convenient digest view allows you to quickly sift through comments and act on them.

Access Under Your Control

With just a few clicks, you can configure access control: lock your galleries with a password, make them private, or limit access to only a few special people. Hide your galleries behind an access ID, or require visitor registration before revealing your galleries.