Security & Backup

Powerful Access Control Features

Secure Storage

Your photos are stored in state-of-the-art secure geo-distributed data centers, so you can rest assured you have a back up of full-size original photos available any time. You can always download your photos back using our free tool.

Strong Image Protection and Watermarks

You don’t have to worry about unauthorized usage of your photos with several layers of protection. First of all, we have basic right-click and drag-to-desktop protection. However, this rarely stops anyone these days. That’s why you can deploy the strongest protection against unauthorized usage – watermarks. You can create and upload your custom watermarks and apply them automatically to your images. You can control watermark position and opacity to achieve the desired level of safety without compromising the viewing experience.

Powerful Access Control

Powerful access control features allow you to fine tune the security of your images. You can make your albums public, private, protected with password, or open only to a list of clients. You can restrict access to original files, as well as limit the largest size that can be displayed on the screen.

Multi-user Account Administration

Grant access to the people who need it. If you are a Premium Business subscriber, you can grant partial management access to your website and online store through multi-user access to your account. Different levels of management access can be assigned to accommodate the need for Assistants, Accountants, Contributing Photographers, etc. to have limited access while account owner maintains full control over their access privileges.