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The Zenfolio e-commerce platform is designed for photographers. It provides them with the flexibility and features to get from shooting to selling in as little time as possible.

Stunning Presentation

When clients like what they see, they buy more. From your uploaded originals we automatically generate several image sizes and use the best size to fit the viewer’s screen. We make sure that resized images are crisp and the colors look great. Your clients can easily navigate through photos displayed in clean, professional layouts customizable without any coding.

Professional Layouts

Your website empowers clients with several ways to view your work. They can navigate through photos displayed on photo pages with or without thumbnails, use the dim-the-light view, in the largest possible size taking the entire screen, or in slick full-screen slideshows with soundtracks.

Flexible Collaboration Tools

The creative process often requires iterations, and the Zenfolio proofing solution facilitates this dialog. Your clients can easily create sets of their favorite photos and share them with you. You will have access to these favorite sets for post-processing, retouching, creating albums, or placing clients’ orders. A special Lightroom plug-in allows opening client favorite sets in Lightroom to save you time.

Access Under Your Control

With just a few clicks, you can configure access control: lock your galleries with a password, make them private, or limit access to certain people. Hide your galleries behind an access ID, or require visitor registration before revealing your galleries.

Events workflow

Create a keyword-searchable mini site for a multi-subject job. Keyword your photos with a unique identifier, such as a bib number or a student ID for each participant and they’ll be able to easily find their own photos.

Events also make it easy to communicate with your clients – upload a list of your participants and you’ll be able to send emails in bulk that include individual details for each person, such as personalized links to their photos, passcodes, and include a preview of their images.

Use Our Lab or Yours

Integrated Shopping Cart

The shopping cart and the entire checkout experience are fully integrated with your website, including your brand, and are easily customizable with a simple point-and-click. The shopping cart is designed for purchasing photo products, with features like precise cropping, live framing preview, photo resolution checks, and photo package configuration.

500+ Ready-to-Sell Products

We’ve partnered with the best print vendors in the industry that have proven quality and attention to detail. You can take advantage of our complete integration with these vendors. All you do is take great photos, select products, and set your pricing structure. We take care of the rest: taking orders, payment processing, printing, packaging, shipping, and customer support.

Professional Quality Photo Books

You or your customers can easily create and purchase their own beautiful photo books simply by dragging and dropping photos into the template of their choice. Photo books are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You decide which books are available for sale and set the prices, and your clients create the book that they want.

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Self-Fulfilled Products

If you want to sell self-fulfilled products, the Zenfolio e-commerce platform is the choice of professionals worldwide. You can define every detail of your products – configure shipping methods, sales tax or VAT, and payment methods. We will take orders, send you notifications, and provide customer support.

Self-fulfilled products

Unlimited Price Lists

Even if you have never sold photos online before, with intuitive price list management you will be ready to sell in no time. You can create as many price lists as you want and assign them to your albums or individual photos. Using a formula, you can quickly price all products offered for sale as a batch with a combination of fixed and percentage markups.

Your own prices

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Selling digital downloads Selling Packages

Sell Digital Downloads

Don’t be surprised if your clients demand digital images in addition to traditional printed products. The Zenfolio selling platform makes you more competitive and allows you to cater to the needs of your clients by giving them the option of purchasing digital images, from low-resolution Facebook images to original files. All you need to do is specify resolution size, choose a license agreement and set prices. Then digital downloads will appear in your integrated shopping cart.

Offer Product Packages

Have we mentioned that the Zenfolio e-commerce platform is flexible? It can easily be adapted to the way you are doing business today. The tradition of offering packages in addition to á la carte products has been a popular marketing strategy for photographers. The Zenfolio selling solution allows you to pull a variety of products together into a package, set the price, and sell it.

Order Approval

Save Time and Delight Your Clients

You can specify whether orders are sent to fulfillment partners automatically, or whether they will be reviewed and approved by you first. Approving orders gives you the ability to fine-tune the images before the order gets submitted to the lab. That way you can do final retouching, fix cropping, throw in a promotional product, or offer a discount. Delight your clients and they will keep coming back again and again!

Getting Paid

When you earn profits from selling, the proceeds are deposited into your Zenfolio account. You can request payment via bank check or PayPal at any time. There are no limits, no minimums, and no forced schedules – get paid when you want to get paid.

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Global selling

Global E-Commerce Solution

The Zenfolio e-commerce platform allows you to sell products in multiple currencies and deliver them to customers worldwide. Products fulfilled by Zenfolio partners can be sold in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars, and Australian Dollars – these are the currencies supported by our partners.

Self-fulfilled products can be sold in the following additional currencies:

  • Czech Koruny
  • Danish Kroner
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Hungarian Forint
  • Israeli New Shekels
  • Japanese Yen
  • Mexican Pesos
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Polish Zloty
  • Singapore Dollars
  • Swedish Kronor
  • Swiss Francs

High Volume Account?

If you are delivering hundreds of orders per month, we have special features and pricing for you. Contact us today to find out how to use Zenfolio as a platform for your business.

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