Photobox is one of Europe's largest destinations for printing and has been providing high quality photographic prints at a great value since 2000. The lab's state of the art laboratories in London and Paris have the combined capacity to produce over a million prints per day with fast turnaround times. Photobox's mission is to offer exceptional service and they continually strive to offer a diverse range of high quality prints, photo products, and services. In addition, Photobox also aims to be as eco-friendly as possible by always looking into greener ways of doing business.

All trial and/or paid Zenfolio subscribers receive 20% off their first order placed with Photobox within the first month of the subscription. Full details on the First Order Discount are available here.

Photobox offers a print quality guarantee as well as protection against orders arriving damaged or incomplete. If you have any problems with an order, Contact Us within 30 days and we will help you replace it free of charge. Photobox may request the return of print and gift items before a refund is issued.

Delivery is available anywhere in the world excluding US and Canada.

FujiFilm Paper

Photobox uses the highest quality FujiFilm Crystal Archive or FujiFilm Professional photographic paper, which both produce prints that are guaranteed to be fade resistant for 150 years. Both papers are technologically advanced and designed to produce prints of unsurpassed image quality and stability. Offering outstanding reciprocity characteristics and a remarkably extended tonal scale yielding rich, true blacks, these papers feature the unique ability to reproduce colors that are vibrant and fully saturated yet, at the same time, skin tones that remain smooth and natural. Contrast is excellent as well, producing a superb sense of gradation from highlights to shadow.

Color Calibration

Photobox prints directly from the original files transferred from your Zenfolio account. The images are never compressed, resized, or modified to provide you with the best quality results every time.

An image that looks great on your computer screen should look equally wonderful in print. If you're finding this isn't the case it could be because your monitor needs color calibration. This can cause overly bright or dark prints, or unrealistic colors compared to your original. Even if you're not aware of this, properly calibrating your monitor is still a good way of ensuring impressive results.

More information about color calibration is available on PhotoBox web site.

Minimum and Recommended Image Resolution

Photobox uses photo imaging equipment with the minimum required image resolution of 100 pixels per inch (ppi). For the best results, however, make sure your images are large enough to print at 250ppi or higher.

For example, to print an 8" x 10" print, the minimum image size required would be 800 x 1000 pixels. However, for best results, it is recommended that the image size be 2000 x 2500 pixels.

Refer to the Resolution Guide from Photobox for specific resolution recommendations.


Photobox delivers prints and photo gifts globally on time and in top condition. The postage prices charged include both shipping and packaging costs. Delivery is available anywhere in the world excluding US and Canada.

The shipping prices are calculated at the time of ordering and depend on the product ordered, and the destination.

To sell Photobox products add them to your pricelists and assign pricelists to galleries offered for sale.

Products List

Small Format Prints

10cm x 15cm Small Print£0.12£0.12
11.5cm x 15cm Small Print£0.12£0.12
9.5cm x 12.5cm Small Print£0.12£0.12
12.5cm x 18cm Small Print£0.20£0.20
12.5cm x 19cm Small Print£0.20£0.20
15cm x 20cm Small Print£0.44£0.44
15cm x 23cm Small Print£0.44£0.44
20cm x 25cm Small Print£1.27£1.27
17.5cm x 25cm Small Print£1.35£1.35
A4 Small Print£1.49£1.49
20cm x 30cm Small Print£1.39£1.39

Medium & Large Format Prints

25cm x 38cm Standard Print£3.25£3.25
25cm x 30cm Standard Print£3.25£3.25
28cm x 35.5cm Poster Print£5.49£5.49
A3 Poster Print£6.59£6.59
A2 Poster Print£10.99£10.99
30.5cm x 41cm Poster Print£6.49£6.49
30.5cm x 45.75cm Poster Print£6.49£6.49
41cm x 51.75cm Poster Print£10.79£10.79
51cm x 76cm Poster Print£17.49£17.49
76cm x 102cm Poster Print£24.99£24.99
76cm x 114cm Poster Print£24.99£24.99

Square & Wide Format Prints

12.5cm x 12.5cm Square Print£0.20£0.20
20cm x 20cm Square Print£1.39£1.39
13cm x 30.5cm Wide Print£1.69£1.69
30cm x 30cm Poster Print£5.49£5.49
21.5cm x 51.75cm Wide Print£5.49£5.49
12.5cm x 18cm Collage£0.20£0.20
20cm x 20cm Collage£1.39£1.39
13cm x 30.5cm Collage£1.69£1.69
A4 Collage£1.49£1.49
30.5cm x 41cm Collage£6.49£6.49
41cm x 51.75cm Collage£10.79£10.79

Canvas Prints

Printed on high textured heavyweight 100% cotton canvas and sealed with a semi-matte varnish for extra protection.

Stretched by hand over a 4.5cm (approx. 1¾") deep box wood frame. Finished on the reverse with artist backing tape.

When cleaning use a soft dry cloth only.

Two working days production time.

30.5cm x 20.3cm Canvas Print£34.99
40.6cm x 30.5cm Canvas Print£44.99
50.8cm x 40.6cm Canvas Print£54.99
61cm x 40.6cm Canvas Print£64.99
76.2cm x 50.8cm Canvas Print£74.99
30cm x 30cm Square Canvas Print£39.99
40.6cm x 40.6cm Square Canvas Print£49.99
61cm x 30.5cm Panoramic Canvas Print£49.99

Premium Canvas Prints

Exceptional quality print on the finest fabric and a stunning finish. Hand stretched over a 4.7cm (approx. 1¾") wooden frame.

Two working days production time.

30cm x 20cm Premium Canvas£59.99
30cm x 30cm Premium Canvas£64.99
40cm x 30cm Premium Canvas£69.99
40cm x 40cm Premium Canvas£74.99
60cm x 30cm Premium Canvas£74.99
51cm x 40cm Premium Canvas£79.99
61cm x 40cm Premium Canvas£89.99
61cm x 45cm Premium Canvas£94.99
61cm x 61cm Premium Canvas£84.99
76cm x 51cm Premium Canvas£74.99
101cm x 51cm Premium Canvas£104.99
107cm x 46cm Premium Canvas£109.99
101cm x 76cm Premium Canvas£109.99

Aluminum Mounted Print

Quality print mounted on a 3mm aluminium composite panel.

Three working days production time.

30cm x 20cm Aluminum Mounted Print£29.99
40cm x 30cm Aluminum Mounted Print£39.99
60cm x 40cm Aluminum Mounted Print£54.99
60cm x 45cm Aluminum Mounted Print£59.99
75cm x 50cm Aluminum Mounted Print£69.99
80cm x 60cm Aluminum Mounted Print£79.99
30cm x 30cm Aluminum Mounted Print£34.99
40cm x 40cm Aluminum Mounted Print£44.99
60cm x 30cm Aluminum Mounted Print£49.99
100cm x 50cm Aluminum Mounted Print£89.99

Acrylic Prints

Turn one of your favourite photos into an impressive piece of acrylic art ideal for all around the home including kitchens & bathrooms.

Printed on 249gsm professional photographic paper and mounted on 6mm thick diamond polished acrylic. Aluminium wall fixings are included.

Three working days production time.

30cm x 20cm Acrylic Print£39.99
30cm x 30cm Square Acrylic Print£44.99
40cm x 30cm Acrylic Print£49.99
40cm x 40cm Square Acrylic Print£59.99
60cm x 30cm Panoramic Acrylic Print£69.99
60cm x 40cm Acrylic Print£79.99
60cm x 45cm Acrylic Print£84.99
75cm x 50cm Acrylic Print£99.99
80cm x 60cm Acrylic Print£119.99
100cm x 50cm Acrylic Print£129.99

Coasters and Placemats

Photo Coasters (Set of 4)

from £14.99 each

Coasters are fun and useful. They are also a great way to show off the latest photos to family and friends. Perfect for hot or cold drinks.

Size: 10cm x 10cm. Set of 4.

Production time: 2 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 400 (width) x 1880 (height) pixels.

Photo Placemats (Set of 2)

from £14.99 each

These beautifully made placemats are just the thing to impress your dinner party guests. Choose a single design or mix up a couple of different images if you’re ordering a few sets. They‘re heat resistant and very practical.

Size: 22.8cm x 19.1cm. Set of 2.

Production time: 2 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 912 (width) x 764 (height) pixels.


Canvas Cushion

from £40.15 each

Quality canvas cushion with your own photo on one side and a choice of colours on the back. Hidden fastening zip on the reverse and piping around the edges. Available in Black and Cream.

Size: 42cm x 42cm. Production time: 21 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 1680 (width) x 1680 (height) pixels.

Faux Suede Cushion

from £40.15 each

Quality faux suede cushion with your own photo on one side and a choice of colours on the back. Hidden fastening zip on the reverse and piping around the edges. Available in Red, Chocolate Brown, Black, and Cream.

Size: 42cm x 42cm. Production time: 21 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 1680 (width) x 1680 (height) pixels.


Photo Mousepad

from £7.20 each

A mousepad sporting one of your favourite photos makes a welcome addition to any workspace. They’re a great way to inject some colour into your office and are certain to make you the envy of all your colleagues.

Flexible fabric-coating with a rubberised underside suitable for any mouse and desktop.

Size: 24.8cm x 19cm. Production time: 2 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 992 (width) x 760 (height) pixels.


30.5cm x 20.3cm Jigsaw Puzzle (60-pieces)

from £9.99 each

Puzzles are popular with both kids and adults. Create a 60-piece puzzle of your home, a pet, a family portrait, or your favorite vacation spot. Puzzles make great gifts and can be framed and hung on the wall

Made from a dazzling lustre photo print backed by sturdy card.

Production time: 3 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 800 (width) x 1200 (height) pixels.


Photo Stickers (Sheet of 16)

from £2.49 each

This is one of those products that once you’ve discovered it you won’t want to live without it.

Stickers are handy for so many things – just peel ‘em off and stick ‘em to just about anything you like.

Dimensions of each sticker: 3.1cm x 2.1cm Designed for sticking to paper or any smooth flat surface.

Production time: 2 working days.

Minimum photo resolution required: 256 (width) x 168 (height) pixels.