Release Notes

Release notes for the September 11, 2008 release

The following new features were added in this release:

  1. Added many new options for customizing Visitor pages under Customize Visitor View > Options:
    • The ability to hide identifying icons, such as gallery/collection/group icons
    • The ability to hide access control locks for a cleaner presentation
    • The ability to display cover photo thumbnail in place of a group folder graphic
    • The ability to hide thumbnail sequence numbers
    • Gallery/collection pages can display photo Titles below thumbnails. This makes it easier to select photos just by looking at thumbnails.
    • You can customize which fields are displayed under each thumbnail on all visitor pages
  2. Other improvements to Visitor pages include:
    • The new Dim-the-Lights mode replaces Larger Image view
    • The Slideshow gets a Close button and an option to auto-show titles/captions. You can also view password-protected photos in the Slideshow and resize Slideshow browser window.
    • Featured section on your Home page now displays as many items as you add to it. It was previously displaying only two rows of items.
    • Keywords became clickable and result in search queries for your account.
    • Send Link window now includes a link to the Slideshow
    • Large galleries load much faster and became easier to navigate
    • Page level RSS feeds are enabled in browsers that support RSS feeds
  3. Hiding Home page Contact Us e-mail address from SPAM crawlers with a 'send message' link. Clicking it loads the e-mail address from the server.
  4. Password-protected photos are now searchable if they were previously unlocked with a password
  5. Your collections will automatically hide 'Photo by' text if your own photo is displayed to save space and for cleaner presentation
  6. Implemented better handling of various network/browser delays preventing images and metadata from going out of sync
  7. New products from Mpix:
    • Canvas gallery wraps (6 sizes)
    • Standout displays (6 sizes)
    • Puzzles (3 sizes)
    • Trader Cards (26 templates in several colors each)
    • Tickets (18 templates in several colors each)
    • Calendars (vertical and horizontal, three colors)
    • Button (round 3")
    • Greeting Cards (150+ templates, includes envelope)
    • Statuettes (2 sizes)
  8. Ability to mix different paper types in the same order from Mpix
  9. Support for backprinting on E-Surface Color paper from Mpix on all print sizes larger than wallets
  10. Shipping rates from Mpix are increased by $1 across the range. Sorry, gas prices are high.
  11. With a large number of products now available, we introduced product Categories for easy Add to Cart navigation. Premium users can still enable "flat view" in their price lists.
  12. Ability to hide vendor name from the Checkout flow, customer e-mails, and vendor packaging. Applies to all current vendors. Premium users can make this change under SELLING > Selling Preferences
  13. Cropping window now shows print-safe area
  14. Larger thumbnail size in the Cart with improved cropping notifications
  15. Updated order Approval page displays file names and allows changes to Color Correction and other settings. Time stamps now includes seconds for sports shooters.
  16. Owner can checkout products with the Approval enabled in price list
  17. You can request profit payouts through PayPal. There is no fee for PayPal payouts, and PayPal does not charge fees, either.
  18. Income Tax Applicability information is now required before creating price lists with profit
  19. Added warning messages if navigating away from the Price List editing page without saving it first
  20. Added ability to save not only the original file but any of the four image sizes (with watermarks, if applied). This is disabled by default, and can be enabled under Customize Visitor View > Options while looking at a photo page.
  21. Added ability to limit the largest image size allowed to be displayed to visitors (from Small to Very Large)
  22. New public photo URLs are more difficult to guess
  23. New pagination implementation is more intuitive and makes it easier to jump through large galleries. It also includes 'Show All' now for visitors.
  24. Shopping Cart expiration time was extended to 7 days
  25. Improved search results are now more relevant
  26. New photo categories:
    • Places > Asia > Tibet
    • Sports > Shooting
    • Sports > Motorsports > Indycar
    • Sports > Rodeo
    • Collectibles > Glass
  27. Shopping Cart support for specialty products and customizations
  28. New API Methods:
    • MoveGroup – moves a group from one containing group to another
    • MovePhotoSet – moves a photoset from one containing group to another
    • ReorderGroup – changes the ordering of items within a group
    • ReorderPhotoSet – changes the ordering of photos within a photoset
    • ReplacePhoto – replaces a photo file with another photo
    • SetPhotoSetFeaturedIndex – adds or removes a photoset from the featured galleries list

Release notes for the April 20, 2007 release

The following new features were added in this release:

  1. By popular demand, it is now possible to include clickable links and formatted text in captions and descriptions. No HTML knowledge is needed, all the formatting is done using visual rich-edit tools similar to the ones found in Microsoft Word.
  2. By (very) popular demand, it is now possible to assign cover photos to Groups. A new design of group icons was implemented allowing the assignment of any of your photos as a cover. Or you can leave the default icon -- your choice.
  3. You can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds for Recently Added and Featured items for any user. Feeds can be disabled in the new Global Preferences under Customizing Visitor View.
  4. You can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds for any gallery or collection. Feeds can be disabled in the new Global Preferences under Customizing Visitor View.
  5. Searching individual user's photos is now the default search from all visitor pages. The search results page follows the same design Theme selected for your Home page. Users get a count of the number of results found for each of the gallery, collections, and photos tabs.
  6. Ability to disable searching all photos on Zenfolio from the visitor pages, so viewers will search your photos only.
  7. The Search field can now be completely removed from the visitor pages. This is done in the new Global Preferences under Customizing Visitor View.
  8. A new option under Access Control in the Toolbox allows you to specify what is added to and displayed in your Recently Added list of items
  9. Ordering your own prints can now be done directly from the Edit View

Additionally, the following issues were addressed:

  1. The list of available photo links now displays a warning if you are about to link to an image protected from public viewing. This is particularly useful when embedding images in forums and blogs helping avoid confusion.
  2. All visitor pages get a simpler and cleaner footer
  3. Fixed a problem with transferring EXIF and IPTC information found in files edited with Apple Aperture
  4. The scrollbar in the Organizer now remembers its position making it easier to work with a long list of items
  5. Added two new subcategories: "Animals > Horses" and "Sports > Equestrian"
  6. In the Edit View, you can now use keyboard shortcuts (arrows) to go forward and back while looking at full size photos
  7. The Zenfolio API documentation was updated and a few minor problems were fixed
  8. Zenfolio API: user's private profile now contains fields for the available storage and the maximum allowed file size. This is useful for upload applications.
  9. Zenfolio API: Added new methods to move photos between galleries and collections and to rearrange photos within a gallery or collection
  10. A new version of the ApertureToZenfolio plug-in was released by David Holmes. Take a look at the list of the latest updates and enhancements on David's site. This great plug-in keeps getting better.

Release notes for the January 14, 2007 release

The following items were addressed with this release:

  1. You can now order prints and photo products from a choice of several vendors: full integration with EZ Prints Lab and Mpix Lab. Read more about these partner labs under Prints & Products.
  2. Shopping Cart: built from the ground up for photographers, this is the most powerful and streamlined shopping cart of its kind. The Cart features such innovations as ordering products from multiple vendors, applying additional services such as mounting and framing, and performing precision cropping using advanced cropping tools.
  3. Purchasing a print or a photo product begins with an Add to Cart menu on a photo page and takes a user through the vendor and product selection in easy to follow steps. The Add to Cart interface is fully integrated with visitor pages matching them in Theme and style.
  4. A robust crop tool is available as part of Cart configuration. Cropping options include:
    • Auto crop trims off a small area of an image if it does not fit the aspect ratio of a print
    • Fit includes the entire image area even if that means having small white margins
    • Manual crop with rotation and edge-snapping
  5. Ability to order entire Gallery or Collection. One click adds entire gallery or collection to a Shopping Cart where it can be customized to your liking.
  6. New menu item: Orders displays the list of all placed orders with links to order details, receipts, order status, and order tracking
  7. Print ordering: Access Control: users can specify if photos are allowed to be ordered as prints. This is an item-level setting which can be applied to a single photo or entire gallery.
  8. Preferences: Print ordering: users can enable/disable available print vendors selectively
  9. Preferences: Email Notifications: you are now in control of e-mail messages you receive from Zenfolio
  10. Introduced three new themes:
    • Cosmic – make your photos bright constellations with this theme in the background
    • Antique – aged parchment and rusty leather folios provide timeless backdrop
    • Zenbaby – designed specifically for surrounding images of little ones, giving the warm pastel colors and lots of toys to play with.
  11. Updated batch Zenfolio Uploader for Internet Explorer (applies to both IE6 and IE7). The new Active X uploader is more robust, has better progress updates, and has more intelligent support of supported file types and storage quotas.
  12. Introduced universal date format everywhere on the site (this is for you, Jacques)
  13. Access Control: users can now control EXIF and other metadata information by using Access Control window. If disabled, EXIF and other fields, such as Dates, will not be displayed anywhere on Zenfolio. This is an item-level setting which can be applied to a single photo or entire gallery.
  14. Access Control: users can now turn off displaying Visitor numbers by using Access Control window. This is an item-level setting which can be applied to a single photo or entire gallery.
  15. Search & Browse: greatly improved search results for galleries, collections, and photos. You can now search for photographer name and the results will include all publicly searchable items from that photographer.
  16. Search & Browse: password-protected photos, galleries, and collections are now searchable. Search & Browse will return results with all the items a user has rights to view.
  17. Resized images for newly uploaded photos have embedded sRGB color profile. This ensures that image colors are displayed consistently across all Web browsers.
  18. Added an option to Collections to turn off displaying links to photos in original galleries. This is really helpful if you do not wish to display galleries anywhere and just use collections.
  19. Prints & Products pages were added to the site footer, they include partner lab information with products and price lists
  20. Photo Created Date can now be extracted from TIFF file properties if not present in EXIF
  21. Items not allowed in public search will still display in the Recently Added section on your Home page
  22. Added new subcategory "Sports > Running" with two new subcategory details: "Sports > Running > Track" and "Sports > Running > Cross Country"
  23. Sorting problem is fixed for Upload Order and Dates criteria
  24. Fixed footer problem on IE for one of the Group layouts
  25. Fixed horizontal scrollbars appearing for some pages when browsing with IE7
  26. Fixed a problem on Safari with the EXIF tip being stuck on a page

Release notes for the September 14, 2006 release

The following items were fixed with this release:

  1. Firefox is now supported on Mac OS X including Zenfolio Uploader
  2. Some files containing IPTC metadata were not transferring information correctly
  3. Password field on gallery pages was misaligned on Safari. It is centered now.
  4. Added two new subcategories: "Sports > Paintball" and "People > Family"
  5. Photos in collections now have links to corresponding galleries
  6. Aperture information is now correctly displayed for manual lenses where aperture was not recorded in EXIF
  7. Zenfolio footer was simplified on all visitor pages
  8. Slideshow controller was cut off on some screen resolutions
  9. Setting up custom domain is now more reliable with a new DNS Check

Release notes for the July 17, 2006 release

The following items were addressed with this release:

  1. Introduced registered Visitor subscription plan with ability to save Collections and publish them to a custom Home page. Visitor subscriptions are always free.
  2. Introduced Collections for all subscription plans including Visitors
  3. Complete overhaul of current page layouts resulting in more functional pages and more customization options. All current themes received visual enhancements and improvements.
  4. Introduced new theme: Playground – great for photos of kids, puppies, kittens, or other playful subjects. Brighter than most themes, Playground strives to balance colorful bright subjects with equally strong surroundings.
  5. Introduced new theme: Subtle, with subdued sepia colors that fade to background making your photographs really stand out
  6. Introduced Custom Domains (Unlimited plan users)

    If you have your own domain name registered you can now setup the CNAME to point to your Zenfolio account. It will become the address to your Home page and all the links to your photo pages and galleries will begin with it.

  7. Introduced ability to send customizable e-mail invitations to view photographs. Invitations follow the visual theme selected for visitor pages creating a seamless elegant experience
  8. Sending referral invitations is now easier using automated message sending system
  9. By popular demand, introduced larger 120 pixel thumbnails in addition to the original 80 pixel thumbnails. The new thumbnails are more than double the size of the original thumbnails. By default, smaller thumbnails are displayed for lower screen resolutions, and larger thumbnails are displayed for higher screen resolutions achieving the best presentation experience across all screen resolutions. Users can override this default in either direction on a per gallery basis.
  10. There are now a total of seven different image sizes available for each uploaded original photograph, and you can link directly to each one of them including the original uploaded file
  11. Links to different image sizes are now available to the Owner of a photograph directly from the visitor pages. You can use them to copy and paste into forums, blogs, auctions, etc.
  12. Links in Send Link window can be highlighted for copying with a single mouse-click (IE, Firefox)
  13. Photo URLs can be copied directly from the browser address field (IE, Firefox)
  14. Photo pages can be bookmarked (IE, Firefox)
  15. Photographer Copyright field can be edited per photograph so you can give proper credit
  16. Ability to selectively disable showing 'Date Taken' / 'Date Uploaded' and 'Number of Visitors' fields in visitor pages
  17. Ability to selectively disable EXIF information in visitor pages (both abbreviated and expanded versions)
  18. Updated Java Uploader is now more robust and can handle thousands of files in one operation (Firefox, Safari)
  19. A tip is displayed for first time users on how to select multiple items. It can be easily dismissed or it will go away after first multiple-selection.
  20. Updated Contact Us page with a form instead of publishing e-mail addresses. We were getting way too much SPAM, and the new format routes messages better to appropriate parties.
  21. 'All Photographs' section is now always expanded on the Home page by default
  22. Galleries and Collections appearing in Browse > Recent are now sorted by last addition time
  23. New Organizer scrollbar design is more functional and better styled
  24. Photo displayed on a visitor pages has corresponding thumbnail highlighted with index number
  25. Fixed obscure EXIF situation with manual lenses when aperture was not recorded but was displayed as f1
  26. Updated 'Travel and Places' category with a full list of countries and places
  27. It is now possible to select and copy text in titles and photo captions on visitor pages

Release notes for the April 15, 2006 release

The following items were addressed with this release:

  1. More streamlined and intuitive Edit View is a result of extensive usability testing and user feedback. The update includes many redesigned graphics, textual term changes, and a functional redesign of the Main Area.
  2. Visitor pages now load faster and prefetch images for a more responsive navigation.
  3. Visitors can zoom-in to see a larger version of any photo by simply clicking it.
  4. Visitor photo pages get keyboard shortcuts for Previous/Next (Left Arrow/Right Arrow).
  5. Completely redesigned Slideshow now displays captions and EXIF and can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Redesigned Customize Visitor View interface is easier to use.
  7. The option to specifically exclude public photographs from Search and Browse.
  8. New Theme added: Wedding.
  9. Updated My Zenfolio View Switcher menu.
  10. Introduced Display Name which can be changed at any time.
  11. Public Profile moved from the Account to the Toolbox.
  12. More secure algorithms for generating links to galleries, images, and photo pages are now impossible to guess.
  13. Select All operation is now a lot more responsive.
  14. New color-coded lock icons used for access control are more legible.
  15. Browse link returns Recent galleries by default.
  16. Redesigned placeholder thumbnails for access protected photographs.
  17. Safari on Mac OS X no longer has occasional page corruption in visitor pages.
  18. Updated list of Categories with new submissions.
  19. Improved pagination navigation in visitor pages.
  20. Selecting photo from a gallery page now remembers the last gallery page viewed.
  21. Recently Added galleries in Browse now show results based on Date Created, not Date Modified.
  22. Gallery pages now include Send Link option as well. and URL is easier to copy.
  23. You can change titles directly in the Main Area now using in-place editing.
  24. EXIF now includes Lens focal length (if available) and original file Color space.
  25. Maximum supported image dimensions are up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.
  26. Private galleries now always show private cover photo placeholder even to the owner to ensure complete privacy.
  27. Owner name and photographer copyright are now combined in one copyright field using Display Name.
  28. Edit View pages now remember current states (expanded/collapsed) for the Main Area and Toolbox sections.
  29. Lots of interface graphics updated.
  30. Several very obscure but severe Internet Explorer bugs fixed.
  31. Complete online Help with 13 chapters and 75 topics (thank you Juliya and Jerry!).
  32. Updated Web site includes redesigned main page and an in-depth Zenfolio Tour.