All Around Zen

Adjua Mantebea / United States

I have been using Zenfolio for about two months. It has given me an opportunity to discovery my creativity and to display that which has always gone in a file or on a shelf. It is a fantastic way to share visual stories and connect with your family members anywhere in the world. I’m very happy I chose Zenfolio.

Barbara Jones / United Kingdom

You can customize your site every which way you like it, without having to spend HOURS designing your own website, when you could be out shooting!

ken Howard / United States

I have to say, I love Zenfolio. You guys have changed the whole way I do business.

Fco. Jose Moreno / United States

It took several months and my Zenfolio page has been visited worldwide, Zenfolio is a fast way to publicize your work in an interesting and easy way. Zenfolio is the best way to store and show my work to my friends and clients. It is also a priceless way to save all your work.

Kathryn Darcy Haley / United States

Zenfolio is awesome. Totally. In a day I had my site set up, marketed and questions answered by their crazy fast support professionals. I’ve already networked with other photographers on Zenfolio too. Great product, great following, great experience!

Duane Gordy / United States Minor Outlying Islands

I have been on Zenfolio about two months now and am very happy. It has been a state of Zen. They are very quick to respond to any questions you may have.

Alejandro J Ceppi / Argentina

Using Zenfolio to share my photos turned out to be even easier than I imagined. It took me only a few hours to set up my new website, and I was able to customize it. Uploading and managing photos is incredibly easy. Photos can be displayed in a very elegant fashion, and they are right-click protected. I subscribed to Zenfolio recently and already think it is awesome. The fee I paid for a basic plan is very reasonable and more than worth it.

Sian Lewis Photo / United Kingdom

Thank you Zen for being brilliant! I’m so glad to have been able to move my horse photography page over to you. One small event has already paid for it; being able to sell digital downloads has made a huge difference to my sales.

Cary McCaughey / United States

Thank you Zenfolio for providing an amazing service. I have more than paid for my membership and will be pledging my loyalty for many years to come. There are so many possibilities with the site management and different pricing packages that create a multitude of reasons for someone to purchase a membership. I had a long, hard decision, but you made it so much easier after the fact. Anyone on the fence about theirs – DO IT!

Robert Quinn / United States

Tonight we renewed for another year with Zenfolio. We couldn’t be happier with you. Over the last year, we’ve watched Zen continually introduce new services for your existing clients, host informative webinars and seminars (we attended last year in Orlando), and respond to user recommendations with improved services. Zenfolio’s value has exponentially increased since we first signed up for your site. You have earned our business for as long as we both exist.

Sergio Burani / United States

My website’s traffic has increased threefold since I switched to Zenfolio.

karyl Dalbey / United States

Love the overall set up that Zenfolio has provided to market and sell photographs. It’s complete and impressive in what it has to offer.

Paul Elcesser / United States

Zenfolio has been the answer to a prayer! I had looked at many build-your-own site places and wondered how I was going to do a shopping cart, blog, website, etc. all in one. It was always immediately overwhelming. I found Zenfolio by accident and have never been happier! I still have a great deal to do, but I am online and adding photos, sharing them, and getting hired! Fifteen years ago a friend told me that in the future people in business with no website will have no business. For me that was almost true. Now having such a professional site with Zenfolio is making a difference in my business! Thank you a thousand times!

David Swift / United States

Wish I had known about you years ago. I’d either be wealthier or would have more playtime. Thanks for your great service.

Maggie Marquardt / United States

I’ve spent the week tweaking my online portfolio and have officially made Zenfolio my full website... I just gave it my custom domain name today and thought I would share that it looks great. Thanks!

Ausberto Gonzalez / United States

Love it. Love it. A great tool for me... Zenfolio Yay!!!

Lynn Daigler / United States

I am so impressed with Zenfolio! If you asked ANYBODY who knows me to rate my computer technical skills on a scale of 1-10, I would be rated a minus 15! That a nontechnical person like me could get a website with music up is nothing short of a miracle! If I can do it, about anybody can!

Bernie Aho / Canada

You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

Davina Washington / United States

I have loved every moment with you guys and am looking forward to a long lasting relationship.

Alejandro Ceppi / Argentina

I am so satisfied with Zenfolio that I decided to subscribe to a second plan. I kept my Basic plan to exhibit the photos I take for fun and opened a totally independent Premium one in order to efficiently promote my professional work.

Alessandra Nicole / United States

I love, love, love this iPhone app, and I love the Facebook tab for my business fan page.

Ole Hongvanthong / United States

Just wanted to say that I love Zenfolio. I've been using your service for a little over four years.

Daniel Pentikis / United States

Thank you for all your help! I’m very impressed (and that’s hard to get from me).

David Jordan Williams / United States

Here’s to continued success with Zenfolio…I will be with you forever.

Mistydawn Jurik / United States

I just wanted to thank the entire staff! This holiday season I have been swamped with shoots which is a blessing. But, it also gives me less time to micro manage orders at the labs, shipping etc! I used your company hoping that this year I wouldn’t have to do that. And, I didn’t! You guys are wonderful!

Yakov Kezerashvili / United States

Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Simple to use, and does the job right, and has all you need to run a business!

Simon Bartlett / United States

I look forward to a long fruitful relationship, I had no idea that such resources were available to me and now couldn’t imagine doing this without the support from Zenfolio. AMAZING service.

Julio Larregoity / Puerto Rico

Just a note to thank Zenfolio for their great system and interface that made me possible to have a web page/customer gallery that I’m proud of...Always improving, always available, always affordable!!!

Michelle Peters / United States

Zen is affordable for all and practical for all you need to do with your photos!

Nicole Flynn / United States

Zenfolio is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in photography. It’s definitely worth it.

Marshal Skinner / United States

Zenfolio has fueled my passion for photography!

Natural Zen

Melissa Wilcox / United States

I just wanted to thank you for making Zenfolio so easy to use!

In-Vision Studio / United States

After years of having our own hosting through Skooks Kart, we are very happy to be using Zenfolio. Our clients have an easy time using the cart and so do we!

John Hailstone / United Kingdom

I have uploaded just over 200 images, and the whole upload and tagging process has been a joy compared with the way that I do it on my current site.

Dave Spooner / United States

Once I got my site up and running, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to manage and how easy it is for my customers to order.

judesrphotography / United States

I can't even explain what a relief it is to use your site and not have to worry about ANYTHING because your developers were smart enough to develop stuff made for ease of use. Everything else I do on the Web is complicated and even though I know the processes, sometimes stressful. But not when I have to upload to Zen. You put the Zen in proofing.

Samu Puuronen / Finland

Simplicity, easy user interface and nice design. SEO works well!

LS Grossman / United States

Zenfolio is literally one of the components that is going to change my business this year, in my quest to make my workflow easier and less of a total and complete drag.

Lindsay Lanphere / United States

I love Zenfolio. Even though I’m not a full time hardcore photographer, I still use Zenfolio for both personal and business use. It makes it SO easy and I absolutely love all features. So glad I found Zenfolio to make my life that much easier and improve my profits at the same time!

Arj Muñoz / Philippines

ZENFOLIO... it simply makes my life easier!

Rebecca Enslein / United States

I’m grateful for all the new ways that Zenfolio makes running a business easier…goodness knows shooting and editing and dealing with clients is enough work.

Jim Edmondson / United States

It is so much easier with Zenfolio.

Rhonda Anderson / United States

This was so much easier to design that I ever thought possible!

Sharon Thompson / United States

Absolutely love Zenfolio. It’s ideal for selling to my clients I virtually don’t have to do anything, my Zenfolio does it for me.

Laurence Tetamore / United States

A professional looking website with minimal effort on my part.

Jennifer Cody / United States

As a professional wedding photography studio, we’ve been very happy with Zenfolio for almost two years now, and you’ve made it even more convenient for us.

Maurizio Riccio / United States

Features + Power + Elegance + Ease-of-use = Zenfolio

Kelley Casey / United States

It’s easy for me and for buyers, and it looks fabulous.

Peter Alexander / United States

The ease of creating pages for my photography saves me so much time and allows me to be out shooting more.

Karen English / United States

I have only used Zenfolio for about a month. It was very easy to set up and looks very professional!! I love it! Thanks for making it so easy to use.

Ken Smith / United States

I’m primarily a landscape photographer, but do photograph the occasional wedding, portrait client, or other events. Zenfolio takes the hassle out of dealing with my clients. My clients can easily view proofs, order prints, or download images for use in publications (I work with a few local newspapers).

Powerful Zen

Gary Fevreau / Australia

The shopping cart, cropping and search engine optimization are just some of the amazing attributes that help make the Zenfolio experience so rewarding! I’m really pleased my site comes up in the first page on Google.

0302Explorer / United States

I’m back testing Zenfolio after previously having found SmugMug easier to use. So far, I am really excited about the improvements you’ve made over the past 18 months. I think I’m going to switch!

Todd Mitchell / United States

I love that my clients can not only purchase prints, but framed and matted ones as well. I also like that your service allows me to sell my work at a profit of my choice.

Dudley's Photos / United Kingdom

Your website package is wonderful. It all works so well, and I especially appreciate the slideshow option enabling us to enjoy big images full screen. What a great product.

Jennifer Ly / United States

I'm excited about your new layout options (vs. straight grid), addition of Google Fonts, and being able to customize pages more. I haven't finished changing my site's layout and options yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

Ole Hongvanthong / United States

You guys keep making upgrades that help my customers order pictures faster. Please keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Nenon / United States

Thanks for the recent changes! They are just what we need to move to the next level and not spend time in administration, but out in the field.

David Veneri / United States

Great updates that pro photographers can really use! Your constant improvements and attention to details are fantastic! Keep up the great work as I continue to recommend your services to may of my professional friends!

Martin Hart / United Kingdom

With the new customization and SEO features Zenfolio has just gone from excellent to exceptional.

Ron Kellenaers / Netherlands

What great features this site has. Finally I got a real nice and solid platform to show and store my work.

Diane Mintle / United States

The new features are wonderful and I love that new features are added frequently.

Rob Burnett / Australia

I can’t get over the service you guys provide and the way the Zenfolio system has grown and is forever improving. It is the best decision I have made for some time – to build a Zenfolio site that my clients and prospective clients love.

Jennifer Cody / United States

I can’t tell you how much time and hassle you have saved me with this one feature alone which means my blogging is a million times easier. As a professional wedding photography studio, we’ve been very happy with Zenfolio for almost two years now, and you’ve made it even more convenient for us.

Gretchen Thompson / United States

Zenfolio’s new features are so fabulous. Clients and friends are impressed with the customized invitations to visit my site. Online Help is right there to help you when you need it. Zenfolio you are amazing!

Elizabeth Nenon / United States

Great changes and additions to make it easier to track customers, send reminders, set expiration dates and run reports for spending in each gallery so we can see what is selling and what is not. Thanks for the recent changes! They are just what we need to move to the next level and not spend time in administration but out in the field.

Julio Larregoity / Puerto Rico

Many options and a friendly interface. They keep upgrading the features and the customer service has been amazing.

Tanya Owens / United States

I am so happy that I discovered Zenfolio. You keep building in new features to this product. It makes me happy to know that the dreams I have as a photographer can be realized. You are making my dream to have my photos displayed in a gallery and made available to the public a reality.

Quality Zen

Leanne Cryts / United States

Next week marks the one year anniversary that my website went live (through Zenfolio). Since then, I have had more than 100 happy customers – many of whom returned simply because of how beautiful their prints came out. From one small business owner in a struggling economy to you, thank you!

Dave Spooner / United States

If you’re considering a photo sharing or a Web/sales site, look no further! My Zenfolio premier business site is the lifeblood of my photography business. Setting up the site was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, and believe me I had plenty of help from the Zenmasters along the way. I chose Mpix as my second-party processing provider, and their work is unbelievable. I really believe that Zenfolio and Mpix invented quality. If you’re a creative photographer who needs a great online outlet, you’ve come to the right place.

Todd Tamcsin / United States

Just wanted to thank you and especially your lab partner for another great job. The quality of work and attention to detail – right down to the packaging of the job – was done to perfection. Please pass along my gratitude to the Zenfolio staff as well as Mpix for being such outstanding and reliable partners. I couldn’t do it without you both.

Gary Fevreau / Australia

One client received his photos in less than two days!

Dave Spooner / United States

What can I say about Mpix labs? I think they invented quality!

Jon Viscott / United States

Mpix is my favorite lab, so I know the quality my customers can expect. All of my images are color corrected and Mpix is simply fantastic.

Angela Gerber / United States

I ordered my photographs on Wednesday, Dec. 22nd before I left work. I never imagined that I would receive them in time to give them as Christmas presents. I was amazed when the UPS driver came to my door the next day around 4 pm!

Eduard Berisha / United States

Zenfolio + Mpix = Perfection. I’m a professional photographer and I joined Zenfolio about two years ago and it has made my life so much easier, clients can view and order photos with ease.

Ken Smith / United States

Being able to use Mpix for my print fulfillment was the clincher for me. The other online photo sharing sites I’ve tried just couldn’t offer the consistent print quality I get from Mpix.

Jennifer Tai / United States

Zenfolio and MpixPro – lethal proofing and printing combo.

Stunning Zen

Bradley Whitney / United States

Zenfolio is great. Clean, efficient and completely customizable. I love it!

Neil Friedberg / United States

I’ve been raving about ease of use, awesomeness of communication, and general fan-fricken-tasticness of everything Zenfolio since I signed up for a trial account 5 weeks ago. Already, my customers and followers have been complimenting me on the nice, easy to use, faster website.

Todd Mitchell / United States

I like that I can upload a logo for my very new small photography business and use it on pages and in the URL field.

Markus Gregory / Austria

It’s just the way I always wanted to present my photos.

Kelley Casey / United States

After years of using another photo service, I made the jump to Zenfolio. It’s easy for me, for buyers, and it looks fabulous.

Miki Kap-herr / Austria

It seems that I finally found what I was missing at all the other places: Zenfolio is clear, plain and modest, which are the attributes of elegance!

Ron Kellenaers / Netherlands

I love the layout and simplicity. Finally I got a real nice and solid platform to show and store my work.

Diane Mintle / United States

With Zenfolio, it has been so easy for me to set up a professional looking Website in a short amount of time. It has been instrumental in getting my work noticed and will allow me to continue grow as a photographer.

Pauline Greenhalgh / United Kingdom

Thanks for the base to create a good looking smooth running website.

Jane Brack / United States

Everyone is so impressed with the clean look and easy navigation! I love it!!!

Supportive Zen

Britton Felber / United States

I have been a user now for almost two years and have got nothing but good to say about it’s customer support and the quality it produces plus the time it enables me to spend else where on my business.

Larissa Z. Letkemann / United States

Thanks a lot for your awesome customer support!

Kimberly Warner / United States

I left my last host because of customer service issues and just wanted to let Zenfolio know how great it is to have a company who values their customers’ concerns.

John Magruder / United States

You freaked me out by responding so fast! Thanks for the warp speed response!

Cynthia Mead / United States

A HUGE thanks to Zenfolio techs for weeks of walking me through a ‘workaround’ for my custom template. The customer service at Zenfolio rocks!

Jonathan Rutschky / United States

Thanks for all your responses, help and suggestions. It’s comforting to know you’re behind me.

Greg Cowart / United States

I would like to brag on your Customer Service and thank them for their help. I have had numerous questions over the last week, trying to get my account up and running. Your Customer Support employees are fantastic. I normally use send an e-mail to ask a question and I have been getting a response within 20 minutes. You have the Best Customer Support of any company that I have ever dealt with. Thank you again for your help.


Thanks so much for the immediate response…makes me happy to be a Zenfolio client!

Michael Hauck / Canada

As always Zenfolio Customer Support in second to none!

Eric Grate / United States

For the record, Zenfolio has, by far, the best customer service department that I have EVER dealt with. Always helpful, timely, and polite.

Sherry Wohlfeil Blalock / United States

Zenfolio’s customer support is unsurpassed.

Julie Turner / United States

Your customer service is excellent at Zenfolio. I wish everyone was more like your company.

Stuart Gordon / United States

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to the problem I had with the damaged shipment of an image I had ordered. Your response was rapid and convenient. You truly lived up to a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Emil Gustavsson / Sweden

Asked a question and had the answer 3 minutes later. The answer made me save a lot of time working as well. I’m amazed. I’m so very happy with the support so far. Thank you!

Warren Ng / United States

Just want to let you guys know that you guys have the best support ever. It was my honor to work with some of your most talented employees!! Thank you!

Hailey & Isaac Medford / United States

Zenfolio rocks!! We love the chat function, and you’re fast at replying to emails too – that’s what quality customer service is all about. We are also extremely impressed with the suggestions forum. You help our business run smoothly, and we are proud to be Zennies!

Wendy Phillips / United States

I just wanted to give a shout out to Sunee in customer service. I spent much of the afternoon corresponding with her, and her courtesy and efficiency are very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

Stefanie Gulino / United States

I have to tell you that you guys are AWESOME! I am so glad I use you! Not only are the pictures PERFECT and shipped beautifully, but the customer service is OUTSTANDING! And this is not just me who is more than pleased – the customers purchasing from me through you are too! You guys could NOT be doing a better job! Thank you so much!

Melissa Wilcox / United States

I emailed Zenfolio and received a response promptly, which was professional and helpful. I didn’t feel like a fool for not knowing what I was doing. Thank you for a great website-creating experience!

Martin Nauta / Netherlands

However insignificant the question, your customer service people always stay polite and helpful. I really admire that.

ice nine photography / United States

I couldn’t be happier with the way my site looks, and for all the great customer service you have provided. You have a customer for life.

CRibet / United States

I want to thank your customer service for their quick responses.

Kevin Krows / United States

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support with my Zen site. Everyone did a great job!

Shirley Cohen / United States

Every time I get an email from you guys so prompt and so clear and simple it makes me so happy I am with Zenfolio. I love your support!

Grow Photography / United States

I so seriously am thrilled with Zenfolio and the customer service! I’ve never done anything like this before and you are all so wonderful about? walking me through things! I love the way my website looks, and I’m looking forward to tweaking it as I learn more!

Johan Schmidt / Australia

The support staff at Zenfolio have been amazing!

Neil Friedberg / United States

Zenfolio has provided better customer service just today alone than in all the years I’ve been a SmugMugger.

Lisa Carpenter / United States

Thank you for amazing customer service and a wonderful product.

Ultimate Zen

Jim Edmondson / United States

I’m in the process of attempting to set up a WordPress gallery for my other photography operation and I am again reminded why I switched to Zenfolio from Copermine. Y’all make it so easy that I lost appreciation for the difficulty of putting together a good photography web site.

Julio Larregoity / Puerto Rico

I just uploaded my Zenfolio and I’m very excited. I saw other services but my decision was with Zenfolio and I’m more than satisfied.

Steven Aquilino / United States

Out of the many companies we all deal with every day, it is really great to see one that exceeds my expectations on a regular basis.

Rob Burnett / Australia

After considering many options regarding a new web site I was directed to Zenfolio by another photographer. I owe him a couple of bottles of good wine because I have been delighted with Zenfolio and the many features and ease of use once you let the initial excitement period pass. For a photographer it is just the best. I have no problem admitting that I have joined one of the many "Zenfolio Fanatics.”

Joseph DeRuvo / United States

I have recently switched over and have been very happy top to bottom.

Maurizio Riccio / United States

As a photographer in search of a home, I evaluated all sorts of options and hosts, and Zenfolio came out as the clear winner by far.

Mark Lester Arcega / Canada

Zenfolio is certainly the best photo hosting site! Very simple, flexible and professional.

Joaquim Santos / Canada

After doing some intense research and trial modes with several photography websites I have decided to go with Zenfolio. Customer service is great and you get the best bang for your buck! You can’t go wrong.

Peter Alexander / United States

I wish I would have found Zenfolio before I began my own website with Yahoo! Small Business. The ease of creating pages for my photography saves me so much time and allows me to be out shooting more. Thank you!

Pavlo Malichevskii / Canada

In my opinion, Zenfolio got the highest review marks as the most photographer-oriented resource available.

Neil Friedberg / United States

Zenfolio has provided better customer service just today alone than in all the years I’ve been a SmugMugger.

Kimberly Warner / United States

I left my last host because of customer service issues and just wanted to let Zenfolio know how great it is to have a company who values their customers’ concerns.

Ron Martinsen / United States

I’ve been a die-hard SmugMug fan for many years and a software development engineer at Microsoft for 16 years, so I don’t pass out kudos like this lightly. All I can say is WOW! You guys have nailed the user interface of the administrative side of things. My highest praise is for the selling system, which is a dream system.

Vishal Deshpande / United States

I really love Zenfolio. I have been using it for quite a few years now, and it is the best photo hosting site that I have used.

Clavel Daly / United States

Zenfolio is simply the best option for me. I have tried other portfolio sites, and I have to say for the money I really like what Zenfolio has to offer. And they keep improving it.

Melissa Wilcox / United States

I have had another website for about a year and never liked the flow of it, plus it was so hard to use. I love how easy it to find an answer to a question on the Zenfolio website – with pictures and/or videos (awesome for this visual learner).

John Hailstone / United Kingdom

If you are considering building your own site, I would strongly suggest you take a look at Zenfolio. I selected them after evaluating self-hosted options and other gallery-based sites such as SmugMug.

Steve Pratt / United Kingdom

My latest clients chose me from a list of recommended photographers at a local venue. Why? Because they said I had the best website!

CRibet / United States

I want to thank you for making a site that so far has been completely bug free and a pleasure to work with compared to all else I have used in the past.

Shultz Photography / United States

I’ve been down the PickPic route, the SmugMug route, and now the Zenfolio route. And let me just say, Zen is the best of all worlds. Online storage and backup, check. Gorgeous, brandable galleries, check. Seemless UI, check. Mobile responsive, check. And a shopping cart that converts into sales, check.

Jon Viscott / United States

All I can say is wow! I was barely using SmugMug and found the customization and overall display very poor. After they doubled the price and my renewal was up the timing could not have been more perfect. In comes Zenfolio!

Wende McConaughy / United States

My sales have picked up considerably since switching over to Zen!! Thank you!

Marc Frye / United States

AI signed on for the 14 day trial. That lasted 10 minutes. As soon as I was done setting up and uploading, I was sold! I signed up for the Premium deal. I have a few other free sites floating around out there but I will take them all down. Zenfolio is much more professional looking and easier to use for me and my clients.

Martin Hart / United Kingdom

I signed up in April 2009 and have not looked back. The look and feel as well as the support have all been excellent. Compared to the competitors the quality of the on-screen images also seems to be considerably better.

Gayle Brouillard / United States

I looked at and tried out a few others but chose Zenfolio because I felt you had all the services I need. I am so glad that I picked Zenfolio as the place to help my business grow.

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