Uploading Tools

Plug-ins and apps for batch uploading photos to your Zenfolio account.

Plug-in for Apple Aperture

ApertureToZenfolio is an plug-in for Apple Aperture that integrates uploading to Zenfolio directly from the application. David Holmes is the author of this plug-in, which is available for download directly from his website. This is the first plug-in written using Zenfolio Public API.

Works with Apple Aperture
Supported by David Holmes

Plug-in for iPhoto

You can export photos to your Zenfolio account directly from Apple iPhoto on Mac OS X. The minimum system requirements to use the plug-in are Mac OS 10.6 and iPhoto 7 (iLife '08) and higher. The download includes a self-contained installation program for Mac OS X. Download it to your computer and double-click to install. Once installed, choose Export from the File menu in iPhoto and then select the Zenfolio tab. (Currently iPhoto 11 on Mavericks OS is not supported)

Works with iPhoto 7+
Supported by Zenfolio

Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Export-to-Zenfolio is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that allows you to upload photos to Zenfolio directly from Lightroom. The plug-in offers a variety of powerful configuration options that will help you seamlessly integrate Zenfolio into your digital processing workflow. Jeffrey Friedl is the author of this tool available for download from his website.

Registration required
Works on Mac OS and MS Windows
Supported by Jeffrey Friedl

Upload from Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic is an image browsing program that allows you to view your photographs and quickly process them individually or as a batch. Photo Mechanic offers built-in support for uploading photos directly to your Zenfolio account. For more information about Photo Mechanic visit Camera Bits website. Camera Bits offers a 20-day demo account with technical support.

Commercial software
Built in support for Zenfolio
Supported by Camera Bits

Plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery

You can publish photos to Zenfolio directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is a built-in tool to manage photos on Microsoft Windows. To install the plug-in, download and run the self-contained installation program. You need to have the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery installed before you can use this plug-in.

Works on Microsoft Windows
Requires Windows Photo Gallery
Supported by Zenfolio

Using Eye-Fi with Zenfolio

You can use the Eye-Fi cards to upload wirelessly to your Zenfolio account from any Wi-Fi enabled location. The Eye-Fi card stores photos like a traditional memory card, and fits in most cameras. When you turn your camera on within range of a configured Wi-Fi network, it can wirelessly transfer photos to your Zenfolio account.

Integrated with Eye-Fi
No installation needed
Supported by Eye-Fi

Express Send To Zenfolio

Express Send for Zenfolio integrates uploading directly into Windows Explorer. This handy tool gives you the ability to right-click on any image or folder on Windows and send it directly to your Zenfolio account. Express Send will search through the entire folder structures and upload all the images from the selected folder and its nested folders.

Works on Microsoft Windows
Supported by Text Connects

Photo Guru Backup & Restore

Photo Guru Backup and Restore is a standalone application for Windows. It provides a complete solution for keeping photos on your computer synchronized with a Zenfolio account. You can use this tool to upload photos directly from your PC or download the photos back as you need them. CMP-Soft is the authoring company of this tool which is available for purchase and download directly from their Web site.

Commercial software
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Supported by CMP-Soft

FastPictureViewer Professional

FastPictureViewer Professional is a quick image viewer for Windows, aiming to speed up image culling and rating. It features full color management, image rating functions, batch file management functions and batch web publishing - directly to your Zenfolio account.

This is commercial software with built-in Zenfolio support
Windows only
Supported by FastPictureViewer

If you are looking to migrate your photos to Zenfolio from another service, take a look at migration tools.